Monopoly — a follow-up post that’s five years late

Nearly five years ago I wrote a post about the board game Monopoly, which is by far one of my most popular posts, judging by the number of comments it’s gotten. My theory is that every so often it gets linked by a board game community somewhere, causing a new flurry of visitors. I’ve gotten […]

Board Games

I recently had cause to re-organize my and Peanut’s board game collection, so I figured I’d snap off a shot of it:

I’m especially fond of the classic games in the wooden boxes. They sit on the shelf like books. Very classy. Every year I hope Target does another series of them, but they […]

When the Rules Make the Game

A good ruleset is really important to a game’s ultimate playability. Ideally, a game’s rules will promote fairness and fun, and discourage bad play. Those first two things are actually the easy part; making a game fair and fun is more or less one of the prerequisites to getting the game on store shelves. The […]