The Route-Planning Problem

When you play a game for the first time, you probably just kind of bumble through it, learning as you go, until you hit the end (or until you quit). I am certain this accounts for well over 99% of all gameplay experiences out there.

When you play a game the second time, it’s likely […]

Not pony tales or cotton tales, but…

WARNING: There will be singing before this LP is done. Enter at your own risk.

Before recording an LP, I always like to do a test play first. The primary reason for this is to make sure my recording and volume levels are good; nothing quite like recording a three-hour game only to find […]

I got yelled at last time I did this.

Here is the completed Let’s Play Willow series:

And here is the new series I began uploading last night. It is not a real Let’s Play; it is basically just me proving a silly point.