The 3rd Birthday

I had high hopes for this game. Truthfully I did.

I can’t comment on the gameplay. It’s a modern action/shooter game. I’m terrible at modern action/shooters. I’m bad at navigating 3d space, I’m bad at using cover, I’m bad at optimizing weaponry… I’m bad at pretty much everything in the modern action/shooter toolbox. I played […]

It’s amazing what you miss when you play old games.

Here are a few features that every game has now that it’s whatever year this is, which didn’t exist back when Parasite Eve was brand new:

Autorun. Back then games had a run button you had to hold down. Nowadays it’s just the opposite: your dude runs by default, and walks when you hold the […]

The Little Nostalgia Machine

Wow, what year is it? Because over the course of yesterday I managed to finish Parasite Eve in one long marathon session. I’m pretty sure if it’s not 1998 there may be something the matter with me.

I can’t decide whether or not it bothers me that virtually my entire PSP library is comprised of […]