I’m pretty good with keeping up on my Rock Band DLC, and buying the new songs I want as they come out. Since I already own all the DLC I want (out of what’s currently available) I can’t imagine what I’d do with 100 free songs. As a result, the only possibly reason I […]

Three Extremely Related Things

These three things are so related they will blow your socks off. If you’re not wearing socks, please put some on.

Related Thing the First: Did you know some Dissidia characters have Bravery attacks that lead directly into HP attacks? Because I sure didn’t! Both Cloud and Terra managed to learn one of these during […]


Finally got around to fixing my Xbox.

I took lots of pictures, of only to have a reference of how stuff looked before I started unscrewing and unplugging everything. I was surprised that the trickiest part of the trickiest part of the procedure was actually disassembling the console. Once I got inside everything was smooth […]

Thumping of the decidedly non-tub variety.

After five years of apartment living I’ve gotten my very first noise complaint. At first it was just a vague “keep the noise down” thing, but since Girlfriend and I are essentially the quietest people on the planet we couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. If I have my door closed I can’t […]

How to get a negative player review from me on Xbox Live.

Xbox Live gives you nine reasons to choose from when you’re giving a negative review to another player. Personally, I only care about one, though: players who quit before a game is over.

Most of the other reasons you’re allowed to give are handled in other ways. Dude using too many cuss words? Mute him […]

Hay poco rock & roll.

If you would have told me a year or two ago that my favorite game was going to end up being Rock Band, I would have called you crazy.

What a crazy world we live in.

I had never played Guitar Hero, but I had watched a few other people play it. They looked like […]