Super Talking Time Bros. 2 is the best Mario fangame ever.

I wasn’t going to say anything about Super RMN Bros. 3 on my blog, because the game sucks and their response to criticism has not changed since Super RMN Bros. 2, but I recieved an interesting new perspective on the situation that I feel is worth mentioning. So here I am mentioning it.

Really, this […]

How We Trolled the BGMF Thunderdome

One of Talking Time’s more persistant forum games is the Best Game Music Forever Thunderdome. A theme is presented, and people nominate pieces of video game soundtracks which fit that theme. Once there are enough to fill a tournament-style bracket the songs are pitted against each other, and simple majority vote determines who advances through […]

Let’s play Super Talking Time Bros.

If you don’t care about crazy Talking Time stuff…

…you’re not going to care that I’m running our new and totally insane Mafia game.

You may, however, care that we’ve just completed two rounds of the Comic Replacement Game. Or rather, one round with two brackets. (I, of course, was in the butt-tard bracket.)

Yep, that’s me all right: ever the butt-tard. The butt-tard […]

The Mt. Ordeals Gallery

I was supposed to post these along with yesterday’s LPFF2 update, but I completely forgot (because I am fat and dumb). So here they are!

This is the kind of thing that happens when you leave a popular LP go too long without uploading. […]

LPFF2 6: The Return to Baron

Here’s part six of Let’s Play Final Fantasy II. You barely have to scroll down at all!

Best Mafia Ever

We just finished playing a NetHack-themed Mafia game. It was the best game I’ve ever played. It’s the game I’d been training for my entire Mafia career. Here’s the thread.

I guess it’s back to regular games now. Why is it that my least favorite FF characters are the most fun to play as in […]

RMN Bros. 2 is Awful

I spent a great deal of time this weekend playing through RMN Bros. 2, the sequel to the ill-conceived Super RMN Bros. It is very very bad, and you should not play it. It’s not worth the $0.00 you would spend.

I tried to get involved in this project early on as a kind of […]

Let’s Play FF2: Chapter 5: The Village of Magic

Here’s a link to the thing! You’ll have to scroll down a ways, past Homestar Runner and Mickey Mouse.

Here’s a taste of the wonderment you are about to receive:

If you live near a Borders…

…you could do worse than to check and see if yours is one of the Borders locations that’s going out of business. If so, now’s a great time to go stock up on ridiculous books, board games, and as many silly novelty pens as you can get your hands on. Everything in these closing stores […]