The Legend of Korra – The Finale, and Thoughts on Worldbuilding

This post contains spoilers for the season one finale of The Legend of Korra.

Back when The Legend of Korra first aired, I wrote up a post that served to give my first impressions of the series, and to give a decent encapsulation of my thoguhts on The Last Airbender, which I’d just finished watching. […]

Five Pony Episodes I’d Love To See

The downtime between seasons of your favorite show is bittersweet, isn’t it? On one hand you aren’t getting your weekly fix of Don Draper or Walter White. Oh, you can go back and re-watch what you’ve already seen, but that doesn’t scratch the same itch as discovering each new plot development for the first time. […]

First Impressions: The Legend of Korra

By the way, this is just a cartoons blog now. I don’t read or play video games anymore. I gave all my systems to orphans and now I just watch cartoons all day, forever.

Having just shotgunned the entire back half of Avatar: The Last Airbender in the past week, I was entirely prepared to […]

From Zero to Brony in 7.99 Seconds

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a great cartoon. More fascinating, though, is the fan community that has erupted around it. Pretty much everyone is scratching their heads, trying to figure out how a show about selling plastic ponies (with luxurious hair and accessories) ended up having such broad appeal.

But I think it’s […]

Survivor: South Pacific (week four)

Okay, now I’m sure of it: Jim is the best player this season. He skimmed by on Ozzy’s alliance just long enough to make sure the competition (Cochran, Dawn, etc.) couldn’t turn the tables without him, then started looking for ways to fracture the alliance to his benefit. In particular, he noted Ozzy’s tendancy to […]

Survivor: South Pacific (week three)

Sometimes Survivor is all shock and sizzle, but sometimes things just go exactly the way you expect. This episode was one of those.

First up is the Redemption Duel: Semhar vs. Christine. The order of the day is balancing a wooden statue on top of a long, thin pole. Semhar psyched herself up for the […]

Survivor: South Pacific (week two)

Episode 2:

Yes, I’m still determined to get caught up by Thanksgiving.

Episode two opens with Semhar crying on Redemption Island, wondering how people can be so cold-hearted as to vote her out. (Presumably she wouldn’t be cold-hearted if she’d stayed, and the person she voted for left instead. This little inconsistancy is never addressed.)


Survivor: South Pacific (week one)

I’ll add an image here later. Peanut’s on my computer right now looking at porn. Sorry!

Welcome to Survivor: South Pacific. They had to call it that because Survivor: They’re In Samoa Again just isn’t as catchy.

So, Ozzy and Coach. That’s a thing that happened.

My contempt for Coach is well documented in my […]

Survivor: Redemption Island (week twelve)

When Steve walked into the Redemption Island camp, his excuse for why he got voted off was “I just didn’t want to go back there tonight.” You know, because it was totally up to him.

Now that Zapatera is totally gone, Ometepe is going to have to start eating itself. It doesn’t seem like […]

Survivor: Redemption Island (week eleven)

Matt is done. He is utterly spent. He hates this stupid island, and this stupid game, and these stupid people, and stupid Jeff Probst, and he just wants to go home. Except he keeps winning challenges, because God’s plan something something. I think we’re beyond the question of what God’s plan is for Matt […]