Survivor: Redemption Island (week ten)

Maybe it’s just the lighting, but Matt is starting to look a little bit like Jesus out there.

Ahem. Let’s talk rice.

Oh my god, games of Suvivor have been won and lost on cups full of rice. At one point in the game, Ometepe and Zapatera had about the same amount of rice. […]


I mentioned a long, long time ago that I was slightly miffed when NBC cancelled Kings. At the time I had watched, I think, three episodes out of the thirteen that aired. I was more upset about losing the show because I was intrigued at its premise, rather than it’s actual merit.

Well, this says […]

This is the last time I’ll probably ever need to post about Lost.

My main reaction to the ending of Lost was, “Wow! What a great ending!” This is pretty high praise considering I avoided the series for so long because I was in no way convinced the writers were building to anything worthwhile. Some fans of the show have tried to sell me on the idea that […]

The Fourth Season Problem

HBO’s Game of Thrones probably has no chance of making it four seasons. Let’s face it: this is a big-budget series on a station which is known for canning its big-budget series after two or three award-winning years. Most likely we’ll get two good years out of it before it pulls up a chair alongside […]

Survivor: Redemption Island (episode eight)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are merged. Now the game starts for real. And you know? For a minute there I thought Matt was really going to start playing it. Andrea’s reaction when he uttered the phrase “blindside Rob” was absolutely unforgettable. You could tell she had never considered voting out Rob for even the […]

Survivor: Redemption Island (episode seven)

This episode opened with Zapatera still, still! not learning their lessons. Immediately after tribal council, Steve conducts a nighttime confessional in which he talks about how badly he wants Dave to set aside his ego and pride, and be a team player. Of course, he does nothing about his own ego and pride.

The […]

Survivor: Redemption Island (episode six)

First off, I should apologize. I usually take notes during the episode so I remember what to cover in these write-ups. I didn’t do that this time, but the episode on the whole wasn’t super-exciting so maybe it won’t matter very much.

I suppose I should also apologize for being two weeks behind. My […]

The most amazing scream ever.

Warning: Lost spoilers ahead!

Of course, the guy I was putting those spoiler tags in for has gone on and finished watching the series without me, leaving me a cold, naked husk stranded back at the beginning of season five. Thanks a lot, you horrible monster!

I’m convinced that, during the casting for this program, […]

Survivor: Redemption Island (episode five)

I didn’t notice this until it was pointed out to me, but they’ve started adding a question mark to the end of Phillip’s occupation. Now he’s a “Former Federal Agent?”. If that’s not a stark indication of how much of a character this guy is, I don’t know what to tell you.

The actual […]

Chuck is my new favorite show!

I’m not actually going to start watching it, of course. That would just be silly.