Let’s play Sonic Adventure 2

The Sonic Adventure 2 LP series is behind me at long last. Thank. Merciful. Christ. This series taught me quite a bit about how I need to approach game selections going forward, especially requests.

This game was requested for part of the Talking Time fundraiser, which came with a not-exactly-small price tag attached to […]

The Science of BONK: A Methodology for Quantifying the Violence in River City Ransom

Today I put the finishing touches on River City Ransom, which Dan (KefkaFloyd) and I played back in December. Please to be enjoying the playlist:

Throughout the LP I kept a running tally of how we were dispatching each dude. What sorts of violence were Dan and I most drawn to? The people had […]

Merry Day-After-Christmas

I can’t imagine anyone reads this blog who isn’t already subscribed on YouTube, but just in case, I added a widget to display my most recently-updated video. That was really difficult and took all day, and I think maybe it doesn’t work all the way, because it doesn’t look like it’s displaying my Little Nemo […]


I started uploading Let’s Play Metal Gear yesterday. You should go and watch that, if you haven’t. One of the first things I say in the first video of the series is that the game is not about sneaking or killing dudes, but about mapping. I mapped the hell out of Metal Gear, and if […]

So… I guess we’re back?

I woke up today to find my YouTube account had been reinstated. So… happy day? I still don’t know why it was terminated in the first place; YouTube’s e-mail only says something along the lines of “we reviewed your case and it turns out you’re not in violation”. Still, it was good to log in […]

Why My YouTube Account Was Terminated

The short answer is, I don’t know.

The closest thing YouTube has given me to a long answer is: “This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.”

That doesn’t sound like an accurate description of anything I’ve ever […]

Let’s race some chocobos!

Ten videos, plus a gag video at the beginning and a bonus video at the end. Everything clocks in at just under two hours.

This LP was noteworthy in that I had to do some pretty miraculous savegame shuffling in order to create the desired effect. Squall only challenges you on your second play […]

Happy Wheels!

I feel like I could do a whole blog post about Happy Wheels. There is definitely a cool little game-slash-physics engine in there, but it is consistently ignored in favor of inescapable death traps and Justin Beiber murder simulators. To wit: I recorded about an hours’ worth of game, and only saw one or two […]

Not pony tales or cotton tales, but…

WARNING: There will be singing before this LP is done. Enter at your own risk.

Before recording an LP, I always like to do a test play first. The primary reason for this is to make sure my recording and volume levels are good; nothing quite like recording a three-hour game only to find […]

Let’s play Ragnarland Fun Adventure!

By the time the night is out, that playlist should contain the full set of DW4 Chapter One videos. It’s about an hour and it’s mostly text crawling across a black screen. Enjoy!

The reason I uploaded this set at all was to showcase how badly RPGs adapted to the video LP format, but […]