I got yelled at last time I did this.

Here is the completed Let’s Play Willow series:

And here is the new series I began uploading last night. It is not a real Let’s Play; it is basically just me proving a silly point.


How To Win Every Stupid Internet Argument, Forever

This video should do the trick.

Yes, I am comfortable with today’s scrawny-ass non-post. I’m doing a public service here.


There were a few video games before this one, but they weren’t worth playing:

Not sure why I suddenly got the hankerin’ to play Adventure, but I’m pleased I did.


I quit vlogging a long time ago for pretty stupid reasons. The old flip camera I used to use had problems with constantly corrupting the video it shot, and the new one I bought to replace it seemed exhausting to learn to use properly. The vlogs were a fun experiment, but they were consistently less […]

Willow? Willow!

This game is awesome. I don’t care what nobody says.

One video per day for nine or so days, and bob’s your uncle. I don’t know what that means.

Let’s play Mega Man Powered Up — Complete

This was a fun series! It’s ten minutes shy of three hours, and contains four videos over twenty minutes in length. It has very roughly equal parts “Wow, Brick is good at this!” and “Wow, Brick is a gibbering monkey-man who is probably holding the controller upside-down!” Both of these things seem to entertain people, […]

Three Simple Tricks That Will Make You More Awesome at Old Nintendo Games

Let’s play Mega Man 10

First thing’s first, here’s the completed four hour playlist:

And here’s a shot of tonight’s dinner:

Homemade ramen, bitches!

Don’t worry, someone already made fun of me for eating my noodles with a fork. They were all, “What’s the matter, Brickroad? Don’t know how to use chopsticks?”

And I was all, “Why […]

Let’s play Super Talking Time Bros.

Three Extremely Related Things

These three things are so related they will blow your socks off. If you’re not wearing socks, please put some on.

Related Thing the First: Did you know some Dissidia characters have Bravery attacks that lead directly into HP attacks? Because I sure didn’t! Both Cloud and Terra managed to learn one of these during […]