Looks like the NESes have it. That's good, because my last three replays have been on DoS.

I'd rather play it on the console if possible. I do have an A/V-in thing for my computer that I can rig up, but playing it in my computer chair is not desireable. But I DID get paid today -- think I can swing by Radio Shack and buy some kind of A/V splitter to run it to both my TV and my computer? That way I can play in comfort, but jump up and screenshot it when something cool happens.

If that turns out to not be feasible but you cats really want the screenshots, well... ARRRRRR matey. I'll take one for the team.

Since I'm playing the NES version, I shall from here on out use the NES terminology exclusively.

Sounds like two party suggestions are Bl.MAGE x4 and NINJA x4. These were actually my two most recent plays! (Well, actually THIEF x4, I wanted to clear all the bonus dungeons without any magic.) I've never done either on the NES though.

Before we decide what party I play and what their names are, we'll have to decide how I pick from amongst all the suggestions. I've only got four slots after all. Ideas? I think the fact that I'll end up with at least one Light Warrior named TOMM is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

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