Okay, I did an unofficial tally (with some guesswork as to what were actual suggestions and what were just "this was my favorite guy from back in the day") and here are the results:

Originally posted by: you guys

Bl.BELT - 1
THIEF - 10
Wh.MAGE - 9
Bl.MAGE - 7
RedMAGE - 16
(dead) - 3

Man, you guys really dig RedMAGEs. Anyway I ran the data through a NASA supercomputer, and, without further ado, I give you... your LIGHT WARRIORS!

Alright, these clowns need names. In typical NES FF1 fashion, names can be no more than four letters and should be in all caps. I'll have a crack team of helpful monkey butlers assist me in picking the best (or worst) suggestions and run with them.

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