I was about to call it right after djSyndrome's first response, because it is the perfect suggestion. In the end I decided to combine the MGS motif with ringworm's suggestion to use a female name.

Beat had some good suggestions, so I picked his best one.

I named the THIEF ADAM because, as well all know, Adam stole my heart long ago. *wistful sigh*

Wh.MAGEs are weird because most FF1 players consider them borderline required, but after you learn every goddamn thing about the game they're pretty much completely useless. This leads to a lot of (sometimes heated) pro/anti Wh.MAGE debates, so I think my Wh.MAGE's name is particularly fitting.

Some quick notes for FF1 newbs. Those four gray things are the ORBs, which I will be lighting throughout the course of my adventure. FF1 doesn't use traditional MP like later FF games do; instead each level of spell has charges. There are two schools of magic (white/black), eight levels per school, and four spells per level. Right now all my mages have two L1 charges. They replaced the spell charges system with standard MP in the Dawn of Souls remake, which is the number one reason the GBA version is so easy.

I guess this is where the Let's Play! begins in earnest, so time to get down to business!

Next: I, Garland, will knock you all down!

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