Let's Play FF1!

Sorry guys, I meant to post the next installment this morning before work so we could discuss it throughout the day, but I slept through my alarm and didn't have time for a shower let alone cut/pasting shit onto Gamespite. I AM A BAD HOST.

I'll go ahead and get some of these replies out of the way though so I don't have a huge monsterpost to make when I get home tonight.

Originally posted by: Mazian
I remember seriously grinding at two points in the game: once for the Silver Sword, and once in the Giant-filled western hallway of the Earth Cave B1. Thing is, I can't remember what I did that second one for. Maybe Brickroad has the answer... in the next installment! Stay tuned.

There's no reason to farm GIANTs, ever. They have a lot of HP and are hard to kill, have no weaknesses to exploit, and are never found anywhere near a convenient recharge point. The abundance of GIANTs is one of the reasons I do not advocate using the PNEOP.

"Farm the Hall of GIANts!" sounds like something a strategy guide-writer would come up with if he's on a deadline and finds a spot that has guaranteed fights every step, without actually thinking about what it means or what the alternatives are. If you're going to farm GIANTs, do yourself a favor and go farm MUMMYs instead.

Originally posted by: Sven
Still no HARM when you walked by Corneria TWICE! I am cry.

Heh, I didn't buy any Wooden Nunchucks either. =)

Originally posted by: Sven
Other semi-famous tip: a heal potion recovers 30HP for one ally and costs 60GP. A tent recovers 30HP for all allies and costs 75GP.

It's easy enough to RUN from most overworld monsters (except for undead, which are rare enough to not have to really worry about) that healing in between fights isn't a major concern, but yeah your trick is spot-on.

If you're farming on the overworld, though, I'll do you one better: do it on the ocean just south of Coneria and recharge at the INN there when you need to. Full HP/MP restore and a save for the low, low price of 30 GOLD.

Originally posted by: Octopus Prime
You'd regret such a decision. Wouldn't be so bad if fighting them didn't require multiple trips through the 4 crappiest dungeons in the game.

If I never do Earthgift Shrine again, it'll be too soon. That forest level is pain personified.

Originally posted by: Sven
I guess HRM3 is useful if you want to do damage to the upcoming bosses, but odds are good you won't have any charges for it by the time you get down there - an in-battle HEL2 is almost inevitable at some point in various the Earth Cave treks)

I'm glad I have some surprises left in store for you guys, even the ones who know the game really well. =)

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