Is fate unchangeable?
Let's play Suikoden!

This LP took forever. I started it in mid-July 2008 and didn't finish it until the end of September. The original thread is here.

A couple things maybe you should know. First, the Talking Time guys named my hero ○∆□☆ because they hate me. Second, they have a massive hardon for Gon. Gon is a silly character you'll meet partway through. They are right to love him.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Screen
  2. The 108 Stars of Destiny.
  3. ○∆□☆ Climbs a Mountain
  4. The Imperial lackeys Go to Magician's Island
  5. Are You Ready to Rockland!?
  6. Undoing the Stuff We Did in the Previous Section Because Hey, Why Not
  7. ○∆□☆ Re-climbs a Mountain.
  8. The Game Gets Started For Real.
  9. Plundering the Haunted Castle
  10. Recruitment Drive
  11. The Wheel of Misfortune
  12. A Banquet, an Assassination Attempt and a Gambling Addiction
  13. The Big Damn Rune Post
  14. The Great Forest Scenario
  15. Recruitment Drive II: The Recruitening
  16. The Liberation Army vs. Milich Oppenheimer
  17. Recruitment Drive III: The Musical
  18. The Liberation Army vs. Teo "○∆□☆'s Dad" McDohl
  19. A Scientific Experiement Concerning Ninjas and Dwarf Vaults
  20. ○∆□☆ Kills His Dad, Holy Shit
  21. Revenge of the Recruitment Drive
  22. The Neclord Scenario, Part One
  23. The Neclord Scenario, Part Two
  24. Bride of Recruitment Drive
  25. Brickroad <3 Viki 4ever!!
  26. The Dragon's Den Scenario
  27. Is ○∆□☆ a Bad Enough Dude to Rescue Viktor and Warren!?
  28. Unite Attacks!
  29. ○∆□☆ vs. the Hard-to-pronounce Floating Fortress
  30. Boring Ass Old Books
  31. The End of the Empire
  32. Where Are They Now?