Hey gang, let's play Suikoden!

Suikoden is an early PS1 RPG by Konami. It's about a war between a corrupt imperial army and the ragtag band of rebels that opposes them. I'll be taking the role of young master McDohl as I bring all 108 Stars of Destiny underneath my banner to save the country I call home.

My love of Suikoden is deep, wide and broad. As far as I'm concerned, when you're making a list of great RPG series to have come out of Japan, you basically just write "Final Fantasy", "Dragon Quest" and "Suikoden." And then you cross out "Dragon Quest" and re-write it underneath "Suikoden" where it belongs.

The second post of this topic is going to be an updated master list of which Stars of Destiny I have recruited so far. I'll link back to it often so you guys will have an easier time telling me precisely which ragtag rebels to use in my party as I go through the game. Speaking of which...

Hey peanut gallery!
This guy needs a name. Suggestions of PANTS or any variant thereof are not eligible because of a reason.

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