Editor's note: Throughout the LP I used this post to show which characters had been recruited. Since the LP is now finished, this will just show all the characters in the game forever, but as it was being written characters I hadn't gotten yet weren't listed here.

One of the major goals of Suikoden is to gather all 108 Stars of Destiny. Each Star of Destiny is a unique character who becomes a member of your army.

This post contains a master list of all the Stars of Destiny I've enlisted so far. Chracters in red can be assigned to the party; characters in blue can't.

Red Section:
Row 1: ○∆□☆, Gremio, Pahn, Cleo, Viktor, Camille, Tai Ho, Yam Koo, Luc, Sergei, Kai, Maas
Row 2: Sansuke, Antonio, Lepant, Eileen, Varkas, Sydonia, Juppo, Krin, Kirkis, Meg, Sheena, Valeria
Row 3: Meese, Kuromimi, Humphrey, Kwanda, Sylvina, Stallion, Flik, Hellion, Mina, Fu Su Lu, Gon, Lorelai
Row 4: Lotte, Gen, Kamandol, Kimberly, Liukan, Milich, Anji, Leonardo, Kanak, Kasumi, Sarah, Lester
Row 5: Blackman, Kessler, Kage, Mose, Ronnie Bell, Alen, Grenseal, Kirke, Moose, Morgan, Quincy, Fukien
Row 6: Eikei, Rubi, Hix, Tengaar, Crowley, Pesmerga, Clive, Fuma, Kreutz, Milia, Futch, Mace
Row 7: Griffith, Warren, Kasim, Sonya

Blue Section:
Row 7: Mathiu, Marie, Onil, Chandler, Rock, Giovanni, Gaspar, Viki
Row 8: Templeton, Chapman, Jabba, Apple, Jeane, Tesla, Qlon, Esmeralda, Ivanov, Kasios, Georges, Ledon
Row 9: Melodye, Kun To, Marco, Zen, Hugo, Window, Leon, Joshua, Taggart, Vincent, Max, Sancho

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