Okay, enough screwing around, let's put the party back the way it was and get on with life, here.

First up, we'll deliver the Sound Rune to the little girl in Kirov who wanted it. ○∆□☆ does this because he is a gentleman.

072/108: Melodye
Melodye puts our Sound Sets to good use, which enables us to change the sound effects we hear on the menu. As I've already said this is kind of pointless in a regular ol' screenshot LP, so her actual function is going to be to sit in the castle and not do much of anything.

Tai Ho's friend gives us a warm welcome befitting a man named Cunt-o.

That's it? No fetch quest? No bullcrap? No "first break into my house"? No Teo McDohl swooping in on a flying eel to spirit you off to some dank hellhole?

073/108: Kun To
Tai Ho's buddy is a seagoing merchant and a non-combat character. He does fill up the last of my Merchant slots in major battles, though, because God knows Chandler and Chapman have proven their worth to me time and again. Interestingly, Kun To hangs out in Lepant's wing back at Eureka's Castle, probably because Kimberly lives in Tai Ho's shack and he doesn't want to be anywhere near her.

Everyone stands idly by while Ronnie Bell loads all the Fire Spears into Kun To's boats. (That's not me joking around, either, that's what this cutscene actually is.)

This is Tai Ho's response to Kun To's inquiry as to why he joined the Liberation Army. Glad you're taking this seriously, Tai Ho!

No work left in the Secret Factory, so ol' Hitlerstache decides to abandon it and join up full time.

074/108: Mose
Mose is our third blacksmith, and the only one who joins as a part of the plot. He sees about as much action as Maas, since we'll be getting our fourth blacksmith right at the start of the next scenario. Unlike the other recruitable blacksmiths, though, there isn't a comparable NPC that I know of, so he will at least get some work done for me.


075/108: Ronnie Bell
I've never used her, but Ronnie Bell comes equipped with the Hate Rune. I can't wait to find out its function.

Back at Eureka's Castle, Mose brings everyone's weapons up to speed. His cap is L12, but like I said we'll be getting the next blacksmith almost right away, who will be able to bring us up to L15.

For some reason this terrifies me. Not that GIANT WOMAN is learning to cook, per se, but what the hell does she talk about hanging out with Onil and Mina all day?

Melodye's made herself comfortable up in FAG TOWER. Let's see what her gimmick is.

This is what the Sound Set screen looks like. Right now I just have Normal (which sounds like typical RPG menu blips) and Voice (which sounds like various squeaks and giggles). Voice is 500% more annoying, so I'll use that one. I won't really but they'll never know the difference Ha ha, suckers!

All that lollygagging over and done with, Mathiu decides it's high time we light some Imperials on fire. ○∆□☆ agrees wholeheartedly.

○∆□☆ vs. Teo, take two!

First I... dammit, Tai Ho, it's not a goddamn secret if you go and tell everyone. That's 500 push-ups.

Really there's no point to using Ninjas here. Fire Spears only trigger if you Charge, and there's not much Teo can do about it.

It's the exact opposite of our last match; the Liberation serves up thousands of heaping plates of fiery death, and Teo has no real option but to bend over and take it.

Hey, you asked for it, Dad.

"After all, that's what Kwanda and Milich did, and they both have posh new rooms in Eureka's Castle. Also they got to keep their heads."

Unfortunately (for him), Teo isn't being controlled by a Black Rune the way the first two Generals were. Since he's here on his own free will, the implication is that he's not going to betray Barbarosa. Which leaves just one course of action...

Remember, kids, Mathiu used to be a pacifist. Think ○∆□☆ might have been a bad influence?

In any case either due to a sense of honor, or wanting to give the strongest Imperial General a fitting end, or an Old Yeller-style sense of personal responsiblity, or years of latent hatred and resentment finally coming to a boil, ○∆□☆ decides he must be the one to put old pops to bed.

Geez, Dad, you've really let yourself go. One attack? For serious?

With his dying breath, Teo accepts ○∆□☆'s choices and gives him his blessing after recognizing the importance of fighting for what you believe in. For he, too, fought and died for what he believed in.

Then, he turns around and orders his two manservants to join the Liberation, because he's not their dad and doesn't give half a rotten shit whether or not they get the chance to fight what they believe in. Teo is a complicated man with a complicated outlook on life.

076/108: Alen
An S-range fighter who comes with a glued-on Rage Rune, Alen bears the distinct honor of having more empty real estage in his portrait than pretty much any other character.

077/108: Grenseal
Grenseal is more or less a clone of Alen, except he comes with a Thunder Rune instead. Either of Teo's officers are excellent picks for the party because of their high-end runes.

You know, we've got a pretty good doctor back at the castle. And, uh, I just hit you with a stick really hard. Maybe he can get you some ice or something...?

Ah, crap.

Well, too late now. Although I guess you could say ○∆□☆ gets to carry his father with him wherever he goes!

The aptly named "Hell" is an instant death spell that hits all the enemies. In Suikoden, death attacks actually mean something, too! I keep saying that high-level magic equals a "freebie" fight where you just kill all the monsters and drink their sweet, sweet EXP. Hell is the ultimate "freebie" spell, doubly useful considering we're rubbing up on one of the game's most obnoxious dungeons before long here.

Hey peanut gallery!
I'm running low on votes! The next scenario is two dungeons long. It gives me three empty spots for the first half and two empty spots for the second, so I'll take a different team into each one. Master list is here.

Countdown to Quincy:3 Stars of Destiny.

Oh, my bad, I only had to murder my dad and eat his soul. I'll stop trying to be such a fucking dick.

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