Unite Attacks!
Here's the update that took me all frackin' week to put together! It's only two minutes long but whatevs!

Other folks have already put these together for Suiko2 and Suiko3, and those are much more impressive, but nobody's done it for the original game so I thought I'd step up.

If nothing else, hopefully I've shown that Unite Attacks are seldom if ever useful. A couple notes:

1) Some of these attacks can be done with other combinations of people. The Blacksmith Attack, for example, can be done with any combination of four blacksmiths, and the Wild Arrow Attack can be done with Sylvina or Stallion substituting for Rubi. This doesn't change the attack, though.

2) Sometimes a Unite will leave a character "Unbalanced". This means that character loses the next round, effectively negating (or at least seriously hampering) the "2x damage" effect most of these attacks have. The Talisman Attack does great damage in a single round, but after you factor in the loss of Pahn's damage in the subsequent round it's pretty much a wash.

3) The single worthwhile Unite in the game is the Master/Pupil Attack because it hits everything and only requires one party slot to trigger (keeping in mind that the hero's always in the group anyway). You lose the ability to crit, but even so you can ride this one attack through more than half the game if you like.

Screenshots are sorted for the next scenario, I intend to do the write-up after I grab five or six hours of sleep. Enjoy!

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