Boring-ass Interlude!

To hold you guys over until this weekend when I can get the last update written up, here I've transcribed the various Old Books I've been picking up throughout the game.

(Funky grammar is Konami's fault, not mine.)

Originally posted by: Old Book #1
"The 27 True Runes: Their Creation"
In the beginning... there was "Darkness". "Darkness" lived for eons in a rift in time. Suffering in solitude for so long, "Darkness" finally dropped a "Tear." Two brothers were born of "Tear", "Sword" and "Shield." "Sword" said he could cut anything to pieces. "Shield" swore he could protect anything. And so, the two went to battle. The battle lasted seven days and seven nights. "Sword" cut apart "Shield" and "Shield" broke "Sword" into pieces. Fragments of "Sword" fell and became the sky. Fragments of "Shield" fell and became the earth. Sparks from the battle became the stars. The 27 jewels that adorned "Sword" and "Shield" became the "27 True Runes." and the World went into motion.

This first one talks about the Suikoden creation myth. Suiko2 fleshes it out a bit more, talking about how the two halves of the Rune of Beginning ("Sword" and "Shield") are destined to fight each other for all eternity. The Bright Shield and Black Sword Runes play a pretty major role in that game, making this another example of Suikoden planting a seed in one game and then developing the hell out of it in a later one.

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"Ancient Teachings"
At certain times, the runes can give men immense powers. The power they provide is magic. Each rune provides four magical powers. But the great ancient magician Crowley found a method of surpassing teachings. If two souls are united, two runes are united, and their ultimate power is unleashed, a power greater than the sum of the parts is generated. The union of souls means that two runemasters apply their magic almost at the same time. The union of runes refers to harmony. In other words, Fire and Earth, Earth and Wind, Wind and Water, Water and Lightning, Lightning and Fire are harmonious. Ultimate power means the release of maximum runic magic. When three of these powers are combined, the greatest of magical powers is unleashed.

This one just describes the rune combos I've mentioned before. Nothing special.

Originally posted by: Old Book #3
"Strategy of War"
War begins with the understanding of the enemy's methods. A soldier is stronger than an arrow. An arrow is stronger than magic. Magic is stronger than a soldier. As a result, knowing the enemy's mehods are a natural advantage. To know an enemy's hand, it is necessary to utilize Ninja Power. An enemy's methods always follows a pattern. Knowing the pattern is a shortcut to victory. When the enemy is without a magician, attack in full force. Betrayal is most effective when you are few and the enemy is many. When the enemy is reduced to a few, use arrows. When your numbers are many, soldiers and arrows are effective. When you are few in number, magic is effective. The only way to increase your number is to recruit.

This one explains how to succeed in major battles. Which is only slightly retarded because it's impossible to read this book before the Warrior's Village scenario, by which time your most difficult battles are already behind you. Getting the librarian so late in the game is kind of a liability in this regard. Every Suiko game has a commodity you don't get until uncommonly late, really; for example, in Suikoden 2 you can't recruit your blacksmith until practically the end of the game. You're constantly taking your business to one of the local villages because the game doesn't see fit to throw you a bone.

Originally posted by: Old Book #4
"The Knights of the Dragon's Den"
Joshua Levenheit, Commander of the Knights of the Dragon's Den, keeps the Dragon Rune. From a very early age the children of the Dragon Knights are brought up in the Palace of the Dragon Knights. Once a year, they participate in the Bonding Ritual. Only those children who succeed in bonding with a dragon, become a Dragon Knight. If a child fails to bond before the age of six, he will never become a Dragon Knight. The bond between a dragon and his knight is strong. A dragon lives far longer than a human, but should a Dragon Knight die, his dragon, out of sorrow, will take its own life. On the other hand, if a dragon dies first, its master loses his rights and privileges and must leave the Knights of the Dragon's Den.

Just some fluff about the Dragon Knights. All of this is inferred as part of that scenario, of course.

Originally posted by: Old Book #5
"Craftsmen's Profiles"
Mace - Master blacksmith. Of stubborn temperament, but very kind to his apprentices.
Tesla - Scrivener of Antei. Competent.
Gen - Simple-minded shipbuilder of Teien.
Templeton - Mapmaker. Perfectionist who appears whenever changes occur.
Kimberly - Ostensibly a stampmaker, she is in fact.
Sergei - Unsuccessful inventor. Said to be in Kaku.
Antonio - Excellent cook living in Seika.
Lester - Cook whose specialty is stews. Presently working in Moravia Castle.
Hugo - Librarian of Qlon Temple.
Kasios - Balladeer. Deeply in love with Milich, to whom she sings.
Jabba - Arrogang but exceptional appraiser. Feels he can appraise anything.
Kamandol - Popular alchemest of Teien.

This book is slightly helpful, pointing you towards a couple recruits you may not otherwise have found. Note, though, that it wastes space on Tesla, Gen, Kimberly and Kamandol (who all join as part of the plot) and Hugo himself (without whom you can't read Old Books). Also note that it completely lies about Lester's location; that caused me no end of grief back in the day when I was trying to fill up my stone slab for the first time.

Originally posted by: Old Book #6
"Black List"
The following list, compiled by the Imperial Guard, describes suspicious characters who may have evil intent against the Empire:
Clive - Appears to be on the trail of somebudy with the intention of extracting revenge. Occasionally sighted at an inn in Rikon.
Kreutz - Follower of the former Emperor Geil Rugner. Long incognito, but recently discovered to be hiding out with the Knights of the Dragon's Den.
Anji - Pirate of Lake Toran. Long-standing friend of Tai Ho.
Rubi - Stray elf.
Fuma - Masterless ninja. Hides out with the Knights of the Dragon's Den.
Fu Su Lu - Warrior who wears a tiger mask. Always repays his debts and obligations.
Pesmerga - Seems to be looking for Yuber, the Black Knight in the service of Windy.

This one is MUCH more helpful, pointing out the locations of several characters that are difficult to find. I know I'd never have recruited Clive or Pesmerga without it! Interesting to note: Kreutz was one of the old emperor's top generals, and apparently at least some imperials knew exactly where he was this whole time. So either it wasn't worth going after him, or they didn't have jurisdiction over the Dragon Knight's.

Originally posted by: Old Book #7
Antique Prices
Failure Urn 10
Octopus Urn 500
Flower Urn 2500
Wide Urn 4000
Persian Lamp 7500
Blue Dragon Urn 8000
Celadon Urn 10,000
Black Urn 20,000
Fine Bone China 60,000
Hex Doll 60
Japanese Dish 3000
Chinese Dish 6000
Peeing Boy 16,000
Bonsai 25,000
Knight Statue 30,000
Goddess Statue 100,000
Grafitti 100
Flower Painting 7000
Landscape Painting 40,000
Nature Painting 200,000
Lover's Flower Garden 29,000

A list of all the antiques (? items) in the game, and what they're worth. It includes pictures, even!

Originally posted by: Old Book #8
"The Kalekka Tragedy"
Border disputes between the Empire and the City-State have been going on for many years. The so-called "Kalekka Incident" took place against this tense, ugly background. Taking advantage of civil strife within the Empire, the City-State overran the northern part of the Empire all the way to Kalekka, which they occupied. After pacifying the Empire, Barbarosa's forces headed to confront the invaders. As the City-State's forces began to retreat, the Imperial Army entered Kalekka. What they found was a burnt-out city whose residents wiped out. Leon, let his forces know of the appalling devastation of Kalekka. Despite their exhaustion after the long march north, the forces were infuriated by the news and, with renewed vigor, succeeded in forcing back the City-State Army.

Details about the Kalekka Incident you all should be experts on by now. Note, though, that this only tells the "official" side of the story; you have to piece the real truth together from various conversations with Mathiu, Leon and Humphrey throughout the game.

Alright, that's enough of that. I'm off to play the last dungeon. Wish me luck! (Pro tip: I don't need luck, I kick ass at Suikoden.)

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