After the war...

After the war, most of the Liberation scatters off to do their own thing. Some stick behind to help form the new government of the Toran Republic. Others pack their bags and head off for the next game. We first played Suikoden about the same time FF7 came out, and often liked to joke that each of Suikoden's 108 characters got more fulfilling resolution than the nine main characters of FF7 did. Of course that's not really much of a joke considering it's 100% true.

Here in the quote boxes are the actual endings given for the Stars of Destiny, plus some corrections and commentary from me as we go.

Originally posted by: ○∆□☆ McDohl, Tenkai Star
Became the President of the Toran Republic, and...
...then runs away after maybe a week or two without telling anyone, presumably so he doesn't accidentially suck every soul in the new Republic into his evil hand. Importing a Suiko1 save into Suiko2 unlocks a subquest about halfway through the game where you can recruit ○∆□☆ into your army. He's a fantastic character; the Soul Eater is awesome as usual, but the extra rune slots allow you to stick a Rage Rune or something on him to make him even more completely powerful. He's not a Star of Destiny, though.

Originally posted by: Lepant, Tengou Star
Returns to Kouan with his family and lives in peace.
A lie. Lepant actually takes over as President of the Toran Republic after ○∆□☆ runs off. He plays a minor role in Suiko2 when the heroes have to strike an alliance with Toran.

Originally posted by: Mathiu Silverberg, Tenki Star
Hearing of the victory, he rests in peace.
Yep, he's really and truly dead, the only character out of 108 to actually eat it. By the way, what about that son of a bitch Sanchez, who gave Mathiu the mortal wound that did him in? We never learn this in any of the games, but according to the weak canon President Lepant pardons him and allows him to retire to Qlon Temple rather than sticking his trecherous snake head on a spike outside Gregminster Palace.

Originally posted by: Luc, Tenkai Star
Disappears with Leknaat.
Luc and Leknaat return in Suiko2 where, once again, Leknaat (who is still not a star) drops off a stone slab and a wisecracking wind mage and then takes off. By the way, that isn't a typo, Luc is apparently the Tenkai Star along with ○∆□☆. There are a couple more duplicate stars on the slab, but I think they're meant to be unique stars with similar names rather than multiple people under one star. It probably makes more sense in Japanish.

Originally posted by: Humphrey Mintz,
Leaves Toran Republic with Futch.
Fulfilling his promise to Joshua, Humphrey babysits Futch. They both come back in Suiko2.

Originally posted by: Kasim Hazil, Tenyu Star
Become the Commander-in-Chief and protect the border.
This was pretty much his job during the war as well, albeit with the title "General" rather than "Commander-in-Chief." We'll see a lot of characters whose epilogue can be summed up as "goes back to doin' just what he was doin'."

Originally posted by: Kwanda Rosman, Tenmou Star
Become Commander-in-Chief of the Republican Army.
I wonder how that works. Is this an elaborate practical joke, maybe? Did they bestow the title to each separately, then say "You can never ever talk to Kasim/Kwanda again"? Is everyone snickering at them behind their backs?

Originally posted by: Pesmerga, Teni Star
Still in search of Yuber, he leaves the country.
Instead of confronting Yuber right after our battle, he waits until after the war to seek him out again. He shows back up in Suiko2 to repeat this cycle.

Originally posted by: Gremio, Tenei Star
Follows ○∆□☆.
Sure it's boring, but it's a sure sight better than "eaten by a flower man's death spores."

Originally posted by: Warren, Tenki Star
Become the 1st Chairman of Toran Republic's Congress.
If you recall Warren's qualifications, which you don't because he is the opposite of memorable, you'll note that they basically just consist of "he is a rich guy." So getting into the Toranese Congress is a bit like getting into the United States Congress, I guess!

Originally posted by: Kun To, Tenfu Star
Wields power as head of the Merchant's Guild.
I like to think "Merchant's Guild" is a euphamism for "Toranese Mafia." You break-a the deal, he break-a you kneecaps.

Originally posted by: Cleo, Tenman Star
Tired of fighting, continues to protect Teo's mansion.
Looks like she got all that raging bloodlust out of her system after all. You can visit the McDohl house, and therefore Cleo, in Suiko2. (By the way, here's an alternate ending for her: "Lives up to the name of her Star by nailing ten men at once." Lollerskates!)

Originally posted by: Viktor, Tenko Star
Missing in action in the final battle.
But don't worry, he shows up within the first five minutes of Suiko2.

Originally posted by: Valeria, Tensyo Star
Becomes a Platoon Commander and mediator with the Elves.
...and gets locked up in their jail on a regular basis, just for old time's sake. Valeria is one of the two Suiko1 vets Lepant lets you recruit; you can pick either her or Kasumi, but not both.

Originally posted by: Griffith, Tenritsu Star
Begins a business.

Originally posted by: Clive, Tensyo Star
By the time the war was over he was gone.
Clive's subquest in Suiko2 is the most amazing thing in the history of things. Don't forget: whomever eventually LPs Suiko2, DO NOT SHUT UP ABOUT THE CLIVE SUBQUEST UNTIL THEY AGREE TO DO IT.

Originally posted by: Flik, Tenan Star
Disappears during the final battle.
Re-appears along with Viktor in Suiko2, with whom he has developed a special manlationship.

Originally posted by: Camille, Tenyu Star
Become the lancing instructor of the Republican Army.
Apparently having given up collecting money from Gremio (even after his miraculous revival), she contents herself with teaching people how to burst zits, boils and other various skin growths.

Originally posted by: Kreutz, Tenku Star
Leaves the country.
So after his sworn enemy is dead and he's no longer a fugitive, he leaves the country. Well played, Kreutz.

Originally posted by: Stallion, Tensoku Star
Departs to become the fastest man in the world.
Which isn't difficult, considering he's the only guy we know of with a True Holy Rune. He comes back in Suiko2.

Originally posted by: Kage, Teni Star
Saying his contract was up, he disappears.
Which is stupid, because you know we would have re-upped him for a few more months at least.

Originally posted by: Fu Su Lu, Tensatsu Star
Was in Kobold for a while, then set off on a journey.
The kobold he was inside of declined to comment.

Originally posted by: Kirkis, Tenbi Star
Works for rebuilding the Village of the Elves.
This takes 350 years because it was an enormous tree.

Originally posted by: Milich Oppenheimer, Tenkyu Star
Spends his life protecting the graves of Barbarosa.
Apparently when the Emperor landed he broke into several pieces, each requiring its own grave.

Originally posted by: Pahn, Tentai
Embark on a journey to improve his imperfect self.
Whatever journey he embarked on was over by the time of Suiko2, because he's hangin' out back at the McDohl house with Cleo.

Originally posted by: Sonya Shulen, Tenjyu Star
Become the Admiral of the Republican Navy.
Goes back to doin' what she was doin'.

Originally posted by: Anji, Tenken Star
Plans to go into the shipping business and make a bundle.
I really hope "shipping business" just means "piracy" because, man, I hate to see a good pirate go soft.

Originally posted by: Tai Ho, Tenhei Star
Returns to Kaku and enjoy a carefree life.
A lie. What actually happens is he marries Kimberly, gets sick of her after a while, then sneaks off to Jowston without her. When it's boat time in Suiko2, he's the guy you look up. Again.

Originally posted by: Kanak, Tenzai Star
Goes into business with Anji.
Big surprise.

Originally posted by: Yam Koo, Tenson Star
Lives by the shores of Lake Toran, and enjoys fishing.
At least the second part of this is accurate. You recruit him along with Tai Ho in Suiko2 where he is no longer a combat character, but rather runs the fishing minigame out on your docks.

Originally posted by: Leonardo, Tenpai Star
Goes into business with Anji.
...but never stops yearning for his carefree horse-killing days.

Originally posted by: Hix, Tenrou Star
Accepted as a "True Warrior," he departs on a journey.
This journey, of course, leads him right into Jowston where you can run into him in Suiko2. This happens MUCH earlier in the game relative to when you get him in Suiko1, which is nice because...

Originally posted by: Tengaar, Tensui Star
Follows Hix on his journey. get access to Tengaar, my wonderful war goddess, for a much greater length of time. See you kids in the sequel!

Originally posted by: Varkas, Tenbou Star
Named Captain of the Border Guard.
Varkas has a greater-than-average role compared to most of the non-recruitable-but-returning-nonetheless Suiko1 cast in Suiko2. See, you travel to Gregminster but you don't actually have free reign to run all over the Republic. What you do is travel up to the Jowston/Toran border then speak to Varkas, who escorts you the rest of the way during a convenient two-second black loading screen.

Originally posted by: Sydonia, Tenkoku Star

Originally posted by: Eileen, Tenkou Star
Always by Lepant's side.
Fair enough. I forget whether or not you actually see her in Suiko2, though, when you go visit Lepant.

Originally posted by: Leon Silverberg, Chikai Star
Spends the remainder of his life in his hometown.
A lie. He actually gets recruited by the Bad Guy Army in Suiko2 to fight against you, where he uses brutal tactics that puts Kalekka to shame.

Originally posted by: Georges, Chisatsu Star
Disappears north, Saying he found a good business.
Slave trade.

Originally posted by: Ivanov, Chiyu Star
Sets off on a journey to find "the color of freedom."
Wait, didn't we take care of this for him? Isn't this the reason I scoured the whole damn world for paint? Whatev.

Originally posted by: Jeane, Chiketsu Star
Resumes her career as runemaster at Antei.
A lie. She actually ends up opening a new rune shop in a different part of the world, just like in every Suikoden game before or since.

Originally posted by: Eikei, Chiyu Star
Departs on a journey in search of worthy opponents.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'.

Originally posted by: Maximilian, Chii Star
Retires from Knighthood.
A lie. He comes back swingin' for Suiko2, though he still isn't a goddamn combat character.

Originally posted by: Sancho, Chiei Star
Happily continues to serve his master.
Another lie. Come Suiko2 he is nowhere to be found. Although apparently the homely girl who follows Max's grandson around in Suiko3 is Sancho's granddaughter.

Originally posted by: Grenseal, Chiki Star
Appointed Co-Commander of the Republican Guard.
Wait for it...

Originally posted by: Alen, Chimou Star
Appointed Co-Commander of the Republican Guard.
...there it is. I wonder if this is another Kwanda/Kasim situation, or if they decided the Republican Guard should have two guys sharing the title of Commander. In any case the pair gets reincarnated a few times throughout the series as Camus/Miklotov, Percival/Borus, Sigurd/Hervey and Roog/Rahal.

Originally posted by: Tesla, Chibun Star
Become the Secretary-General of the Toran Republic.
A nice, cushy job with a pension that enables him to persue a career in mad science. I think he has one line in Suiko2.

Originally posted by: Jabba, Chisei Star
Placed in charge of the Republic's finances.
For no reason other than he has a monocle.

Originally posted by: Lorelai, Chikatsu Star
Sets off to another land to find another adventure.
A lie. Come Suiko2 you end up recruiting her right back in Gregminster. She's pretty much the same in that game, although she uses Kirke's scythe instead of a bow, and gets an expanded role in Suiko5 where she uses a whip.

Originally posted by: Blackman, Chitou Star
Returns to his fields.

Originally posted by: Joshua Levenheit, Chikyou Star
Returns to Dragon's Den to coach the junior.
Somewhere along the line he gives up his title and his Dragon Rune (presumably by choice) to Milia and retires.

Originally posted by: Morgan, Chian Star
Returns to Qlon Temple and resumes his studies.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'.

Originally posted by: Mose, Chiziku Star
Works for rebuilding the new capital of Gregminster.
Gives up after a few days and just decides to use the old capital of Gregminster.

Originally posted by: Esmeralda, Chikai Star
Lives a comfortable life with a garden full of roses.

Originally posted by: Melodye, Chisa Star
Departs to collect all sounds of the world.
She keeps 'em in a GREAT BIG BUCKET.

Originally posted by: Chapman, Chiyu Star
Retires from the armory and successfully opens a theater.
Burlesque show.

Originally posted by: Liukan, Chirei Star
Opens a clinic, where he saves many lives.
...including that of a minor NPC in Suiko2 as part of ○∆□☆'s subquest.

Originally posted by: Fukien, Chijyu Star
Return to Qlon Temple.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'.

Originally posted by: Futch, Chibi Star
Departs with Humphrey on a journey.
Shows back up with Humphrey during a pretty neat sidequest in Suiko2, and then again with Humphrey's sword and a totally sweet dragon buddy in Suiko3.

Originally posted by: Kasumi, Chikyu
Returns to the secret hideaway at Rokkaku.
One of the two people Lepant will let you recruit in Suiko2. You can take Kasumi or Valeria, but not both. Rokkaku is actually a visitable location in Suiko2, and having Kasumi on your slab lets you do stuff there before you'd otherwise be able.

Originally posted by: Maas, Chibaku Star
Dissatisfied with his work, he resumes his duties.
This can be read as "dissatisfied with his work, he returns to his work." So I guess he just lives an unfulfilled life of frustration.

Originally posted by: Crowley, Chizen Star
Despising the world, he returns to the caverns.
In that order.

Originally posted by: Fuma, Chikou Star
Invited to Rokkaku.
...but when he tried to accept, they were like "Haha, dude, just kidding. You suck ass, bro. Wait -- you didn't think we were serious did you?" Spends the rest of his life pouting with his hands covering his eyes, where he believes nobody can see him.

Originally posted by: Moose, Chikyou Star
Becomes Master Blacksmith.
I think this involves moving up into the mountains and turning himself into a bitter recluse.

Originally posted by: Meese, Chihi Star
Goes to the Village of Dwarves to improve skills.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'.

Originally posted by: Sergei, Chisou Star
Becomes rich off his inventions.
Nose hair trimmers.

Originally posted by: Kimberly, Chikou Star
Forces her way into Tai Ho's household.
Thankfully Tai Ho gets away eventually to find some peace and quiet. I am amused, though, that this would make her full name "Kimberly Ho".

Originally posted by: Sheena, Chimei Star
Wandering around and having a good time, as usual.
Ends up wandering right into Suiko2 where he hits on Apple and eventually has the bright idea to mooch a military alliance off his father.

Originally posted by: Kessler, Chishin Star
Named Captain of the Toran Republic Patrol Corps.
...a fate so incredibly boring I literally cannot think of a joke to go along with it.

Originally posted by: Marco, Chitai Star
Leads a vigorous life.

Originally posted by: Gen, Chiman Star
Returns to Teien, where he continues to build ships.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'.

Originally posted by: Hugo, Chisui Star
Appointed the Republic's first Chief Justice.
You know he's qualified because of his glasses. He does not return in Suiko3; that is a different Hugo entirely.

Originally posted by: Hellion, Chisyu Star
Succeeds Leknaat as Seer.
Unfortunately this position requiers her eyes to be sewn shut.

Originally posted by: Mina, Chiin Star
Becomes the most popular dancer in the Republic.

Originally posted by: Milia, Chii Star
Returns to Dragon's Den, where she resumes her duties.
Eventually she has a daughter named Sharon (who uses her star in Suiko3), and takes over for Joshua. How she managed to swing that sweet gig is never made clear.

Originally posted by: Kamandol, Chiri Star
Still preoccupied with alchemical studies.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'. Also, May/December romance with Gen.

Originally posted by: Juppo, Chisyun Star
Departs on a journey to find a bigger "Trick."

Originally posted by: Kasios, Chiraku Star
Departs to spread the Liberation Army's songs.
The must not be very popular, because we never hear from her again.

Originally posted by: Viki, Chitatsu Star
Failed at teleportation, she disappears without a trace.
Not only is this accurate, but it's also virtually identical to her Suiko2, Suiko3, Suiko4 and Suiko5 endings. Presumably she vanishes from here just to pop up into the woods in Suiko2 where you recruit her.

Originally posted by: Rubi, Chisoku Star
Welcomed into the restored Village of the Elves.
Because friends? Yeah. They're alright.

Originally posted by: Vincent de Boule, Chichin Star
Returns home and claims his inheritance.
Also shows back up in Suiko2 along with his dear friend Simone, both of whom are now combat characters.

Originally posted by: Meg, Chikei Star
Leaves home, saying "Adventure calls."
But not, apparently, before Juppo builds her a barrel robot to follow her around. Meg eventually gets TEEN PREGNANT and pops out a little girl named Belle, whom she leaves to be raised by the barrel robot.

Originally posted by: Taggart, Chima Star
Becomes assistant to Warren.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'. Fun fact: in Suiko2 his star is taken over by a squirrel. (But it's okay, the squirrel has a cape.)

Originally posted by: Giovanni, Chiyou Star
Starts his own business.

Originally posted by: Quincy, Chiyu Star
Returns to the forest.
But, sadly, never learns to count to 80.

Originally posted by: Apple, Chifuku Star
Goes off to collect material for a biography of Mathiu.
She apparently gives up on this in time to show up in Suiko2, where she has a greatly expanded role. By Suiko3 she has been married and divorced (fan speculation says Sheena).

Originally posted by: Kai, Chihi Star
Appointed Martial Arts Instructor.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'.

Originally posted by: Lotte, Chiku Star
Lives in a small house with Mina the cat.
You can actually visit this little house in Gregminster in Suiko2, where she has picked up another cat or two. Presumably by Suiko3 she is known as the crazy cat lady of the Toran Republic.

Originally posted by: Mace, Chiko Star
Lets Moose succeed and retires.

Originally posted by: Onil, Chizen Star
Still loves to gossip.
Goes back to doin' what she was doin'.

Originally posted by: Kuromimi, Chitan Star
Becomes Village Chief of Kobold.

Originally posted by: Gon, Chikaku Star
Working hard to become the No.1 warrior in Kobold.

Originally posted by: Antonio, Chisyu Star
Still the cook at Marie's inn.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'. Makes a cameo appearance in Suiko2 during the bizarre Iron Chef storyline. No, you didn't misread that.

Originally posted by: Lester, Chizou Star
Opens a restaurant specializing in stews.
Also shows up during the Iron Chef storyline in Suiko2. You win the Stew Recipe from him. (Shock. Amaze.)

Originally posted by: Kirke, Chihei Star
Throws away his scythe and becomes a farmer.
...then picks his scythe right back up when he realizes it'd be a damn useful tool to have as a farmer. Actually he ends up giving that scythe to Lorelai, who weilds it in combat in Suiko2.

Originally posted by: Rock, Chison Star
Asked to design a giant safe for dwarfs, he sets to work.
Ends up just putting a big iron door with a giant padlock on the front of the existing one. "See, now nobody can just wander in," he says. Dwarves reply, "Ooooooh."

Originally posted by: Ledon, Chido Star
Enjoys success after opening an honest inn.
The legality of the attached casino, however, is murky at best.

Originally posted by: Sylvina, Chisatsu Star
Marries her childhood sweetheart Kirkis.
But not the Kirkis from the game. Some other guy she knew named Kirkis. It's apparently a popular elf name.

Originally posted by: Ronnie Bell, Chiaku Star
Said to be training for homemaking.
Like, construction. Not motherhood.

Originally posted by: Gaspar, Chisyu Star
Still tossing dice at Kaku.
Goes back to doin' what he was doin'. By which I mean counterfieting, because NO WAY anyone legimately has as much money as this cat has.

Originally posted by: Window, Chisu Star
Accepts an offer to design stained-glass windows.
Probably a good thing they didn't name him Atomicbomb.

Originally posted by: Marie, Chiin Star
Reopens her inn at Gregminster.
Goes back to doin' what she was doin'.

Originally posted by: Zen, Chikei Star
The Ancient Castle of Toran is still full of flowers.
Apparently he's quite lonely there, since everyone else moved the hell away.

Originally posted by: Sarah, Chisou Star
Working as a maid at Marie's inn.
Not sure if this counts as a promotion or a demotion. In any case, she is not the same Sarah as in Suiko3; that's a different character altogether.

Originally posted by: Sansuke, Chiretsu Star
Keeping busy designing new bathtubs.
Goes back to gettin' as high as he was gettin'.

Originally posted by: Qlon, Chiken Star
Gladly accepts an offer to be keeper of Toran Castle.
Regrets it after everyone bails and he has to hang out with Zen all day. Seriously guys, it's a giant stone dick in the middle of a lake, and we were only up in there because we were desperate. Sheesh.

Originally posted by: Templeton, Chimou
Departs for the sea in search of the edge of the world.
A lie. He actually just heads north for Jowston, where he drops the E out of his name and you recruit him under virtually identical circumstances as before.

Originally posted by: Krin, Chizoku Star
Steals Gregminster Palace's treasure and vanishes.
Holy shit! Douchebag was playin' us this whole time! I... I don't know what to say. I feel... used. Of course, we never find out what was in the treasury. For all we know it was just Barbarosa's secret stash of dwarf erotica.

Originally posted by: Chandler, Chikou Star
Finally succeeds in opening his own store.
Wait, didn't he accomplish this at the beginning of the war? I distinctly remember him having a shop up in Eureka's Castle.

That's all folks! That's the end of Let's Play Suikoden. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it. But that leaves just one question...

This here memory card contains the endgame save of ○∆□☆ McDohl and his merry band of Liberators, data that can be imported into Suiko2 for the next LP. Who wants it? Just keep in mind that after I mail you this bad boy I will know where you live, so if you start the Suiko2 LP and then abandon it I will go to your house and drive my car through your face.

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