13 Weeks of Final Fantasy

After playing Final Fantasy XIII in early 2010 I decided to embark on a very long, very strange journey. Every Sunday for thirteen weeks I examined one particular (and sometimes odd) angle of the Final Fantasy series, ranking each of the mainline games against that angle and seeing what shook loose.

What shook loose was a lot of irrelevant prattle about things like bad fashion sense and characters that only exist in the packaging artwork, as opposed to, say, important changes to the battle system or analysis of the supporting cast. I was twelve weeks in before someone pointed out I had only mentioned Balthier by name once. Damn. I could have spent thirteen weeks just talking about Balthier.

Anyway, here is the series. Enjoy:

Week One: Personal Experiences
Week Two: Our Heroes
Week Three: Best Song Ever
Week Four: Gameplay Wallbangers
Week Five: The Big Bad
Week Six: Ridiculously Broken Attacks
Week Seven: Title Logos
Week Eight: Chocobos!
Week Nine: Battle Music
Week Ten: Eye-rollingest Plot Elements
Week Eleven: Craziest Fashion Sense
Week Twelve: Sequels, Spin-offs, Remakes and Ports
Week Thirteen: That Airship Guy, What’s His Name, You Know Who I’m Talking About