About Brick

I could fill this space with a long, stuffy explanation of who I am and what I’m doing here, but luckily I don’t have to. The internet gave us the perfect tool for this a long time ago when people started making those tacky “what character are you?” quizzes. So I just took a bunch of those instead, and am providing the results below.


a user of potions and magical draughts

attentive; considerate; prompt




If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a shopkeeper. I’m exceptionally polite and helpful, but get angry when people try to take advantage of my trusting nature.

Which NetHack Monster Are You?


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Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?


What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?You’re cautious, a bit paranoid. You left the scene for the suburban married life, but somehow, touble seems to follow you and piss on your mornings. You are quick to share your point of view, but have no problems with giving in to the requests of wives and wolves.

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What LoTR Character Are You?


What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Pacman Ghost.I am a Pacman Ghost.

I like to hang around with friends, chatting, dancing, all that sort of thing. We don’t appreciate outsiders, and do our best to discourage others approaching us. I enjoy occasionally wandering around randomly, and often find that when I do so, I get to where I wanted to be. What Video Game Character Are You?


Which HP Kid Are You?

I'm just like Lisa!
I’m Lisa, who are you? by NoHomers.net


Which Heroes character are you?

Your Result: Hiro Nakamura

You are Hiro Nakamura.
You can bend space and time with your mind. You always try to do what is right and you are very innocent. Maybe too innocent. You took a trip to the future and saw NYC blow up. Now you are focused on saving the world. You also love sci-fi.

Which Heroes character are you?
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Which PPG are you?

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I could survive for 35 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Which Avatar Character are You?

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Which OS are You?

How evil are you?

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Which VW Are You?

by Auto Glass Across America


You are the Quaker Oats man! Stodgy and old fashioned, you probably still churn your own butter. Since you don’t have electricity, what are you doing online?

Take the Which Breakfast Cereal Character Are You? quiz.
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Take the What Fruit Are You? test by Ellen!

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Which David Bowie are you?


I know I should be telling you that I’m
A rubai – but perhaps some other time.
It sounds like work, and anyway, it’s late –
Unless I sleep, I’ll be too tired to rhyme.

Besides, there’s plates to clear and cups to clink,
And when that’s done I have to sit and think,
Since then it won’t be long before I need
To sleep again and eat again and drink.

What Poetry Form Are You?


There. Now you should have a perfectly infallible idea of who I am and what I stand for. If you don’t, but think just one more inane personality test might give you the complete picture, point me to it.