Review: The First 30 Minutes of 3D Dot Game Heroes

It is The Legend of Zelda on PS3. I approve.

In other news, I’ve been trying to upload the next Evermore video all evening, but YouTube isn’t letting me for some reason. It gets about 80% of the way done and then experiences some critical error and quits. The site does this every once in a while, and usually the difficulties last for a few days. I might just not do anything until Thursday, then upload a whole bunch of videos at once, then go back to publicizing one per day. Easier on me, and I won’t be subjected to the whims of YouTube’s funky uploader. Win/win?

In other other news, I caught an ad on the radio this morning about Shift Work Disorder. This is apparently a medical condition that affects 25% of people who work nontraditional shifts. The ad didn’t have a lot of information, but from what I can gather symptoms include feeling tired.

Man, if feeling tired is some serious medical condition, I was afflicted with that shit long before I started working my nontraditional shift!

I should watch out though, because there are like three sentences about this totally-not-made-up disorder on Wikipedia, and one of them is about how it causes cancer[citation needed].


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