Sorry, gotta run!

I’ve got too many little projects on my plate and not enough time to complete them all. Between working on the two Let’s Plays I’m doing, I’ve had no time today to do much of anything except farm gold in 3D Dot Game Heroes when I should have been updating my website.

And now it’s time to run off to game night. Sorry!

Sometimes I feel like this daily schedule does me more harm than good. Anyone who finds my website for the first time today gets this BS post instead of something meaty, like the Survivor and Final Fantasy posts down the page. And who honestly has time to scroll down, you know? On the other hand, I’d hate to give up the daily schedule when it’s been working for me thus far. Perhaps the solution is to just sack up and quit complaining about it.

1 comment to Sorry, gotta run!

  • fanboymaster

    I personally like the daily updates, even if some of them lack substance it’s nice to have one blog in rotation that I can always count on having something enjoyable on.

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