M5 and RB3

Our next Mafia game will be starting soon. This one is Planescape-themed, which just gives me like this gigantic boner.

Since each new Mafia game adds a few new pages to our strategic lexicon, it’s become important to devise a shorthand to refer to previous games. If we want to talk about something that happened in our first Mafia game, that’s “M1”. Our second game was split into two halves, so we tack on an “E” or a “W” to the end of “M2”, to denote East or West. And so on.

Each round of Mafia is seeing more and more interesting rulesets. People are starting to play around with the idea of Mafia a little more than simply “here are the new roles”. Although, that said, M5: Planescape is pretty much just a “here are the new roles” game, which maybe suggests we’re not done exploring the core gameplay yet.

Speaking of gameplay…

A quick-and-dirty calculation suggests I’ve spent about $320 on songs for Rock Band. Not counting the money invested in the bigger hard drive to hold more songs. And I only have a small amount of DLC compared to some other cats I’m acquainted with. Someone remind me why Guitar Hero‘s “$50 a year for the new upgrade” model is superior, again?

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