Last Minecraft post for a while. I SWEAR.

I just had to share this final aerial shot of Talking Tisland v1.0:

With that, the gang has moved on to a new server, which you can access here. (And you should… just don’t blame me when five hours goes by and suddenly nothing else in your life seems as important as making a checkerboard pattern of grass and stone tiles.)

And lo!

The re-watching spree continues to continue. (This wasn’t supposed to be “a thing”, it just kind of happened that way.) Well, it sort of continues to continue. I put in Heat while running some reports the other night, and enjoyed it thoroughly, but I don’t really feel like I’ve re-watched it. It’s probably only the third or fourth time I’ve seen the movie, see, and previous viewings were shackled with complications like Too Young To Appreciate It or Bullshitting With Friends Instead Of Paying Attention. I’ve never just sat down and scrutinized the movie. Maybe someday I will.

I did enjoy doing some follow-up research and finding out about the urban legend that De Niro and Pacino were feuding during filming, which is why they never appear in the same shot. Not true, of course; it was a directorial decision. Still an interesting piece of movie trivia, though.

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