DS Lite vs. DSi XL

About six thousand people have asked me if I’m going to play Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. And the answer was, yes, eventually. Probably early next year, with the shiny new DSi I was expecting to get for Christmas. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d have to temporarily pass up a great game I wanted to play because I lacked the system to play it on.

I wasn’t looking forward to the waves and waves of YouTube comments about it, either.

I’m delighted to report that Matt Bozon and the rest of the guys at WayForward were even more to get me playing Risky’s Revenge as I was. When they found out I had nothing to play it on, they decided to front me a brand new burgundy DSi XL. It arrived earlier this afternoon.

I haven’t had time to play around with it much except to solve a few levels of Mighty Flip Champs and clear a few left-behind puzzles in Professor Layton. I am, of course, exceptionally grateful for the gift. And it should go without saying that I’m super excited for Shantae times.

Since I hadn’t planned on getting a DSi for a while, I actually didn’t know much about it. So I was kind of blown away when I opened the box and saw how… huge the thing was:

DS Lite vs. DSi XL

(Note: that’s not my pink DS Lite. That’s Peanut’s. Not that there’s anything wrong with a pink DS Lite.)

I remember when I upgraded from my old grey brick DS to the DS Lite. I thought, “Wow, how did I ever play games on that old nasty thing?” I kind of feel the same way about the DS Lite now. Put side-by-side like that, the difference is pretty insane.

I wish I had time to do a full-out product review at the moment, but game night doth loom. I have to get going. Thanks once again to WayForward for the DSi, and thanks to everyone else for reading!

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  • Kishi

    It’s still some kind of Christmas miracle that that actually happened.

    I bought a DSi XL last night, too. And since Risky’s Revenge is going to have unlockable content based on your performance in Mighty Flip Champs, I downloaded that and started playing. And since I won’t have a whole lot of time to play it before Risky’s Revenge comes out on Monday, I ended up getting S ranks on the first three worlds (of five, I believe) in one giant sitting.

    So, I’m dead now.

    • yxgrbldg

      WHAT?! Risky’s Revenge is coming out tomorrow?! *checks time* In 7 hours?! Dangit, I’m saving every penny I earn until I can afford a 5870 ($350+) for my gaming rig. I probably won’t be able to buy it until Christmas 🙁

      As for the unlockable content, that’s pretty awesome. Though, I haven’t beaten MFC yet even though I’ve had it since release. I always get too exited towards the end of a level and accidentally get caught in a wall 😛

  • WIP

    Very awesome of WayForward to send you this. I always figured they were great guys!

    I am also super pumped for Shantae.

  • Metal Man Master

    I’m so envious, dude. I was so close to getting a DSi XL myself when I nuked a good chunk of my old DS and Wii collection to replace my crappy Lite for Dragon Quest IX fun times, but I would’ve had to sacrifice the very game I was getting a DSi to play again, and that was a no-go. Still, even the old DSi’s a cooler, sleeker, and much more awesome handheld than the DS Lite was, even though it looks similar at first glance.

    It’s probably better I got a smaller one anyway, since it’s easier to carry around and use for photo references for drawing on the go, more recently with Art Academy. I’m looking forward to Shantae next week. ^_^

  • DragonShadow

    I jumped straight from the old grey DS to a sleek and shiny black DSi XL. The difference was night and day. So much brighter, more crisp, and obviously bigger. I wish the buttons didn’t make such a “click” noise when you push them, but other than that it is the cat’s pajamas.

    That’s pretty awesome they sent you one, though!! You now pretty much have official sponsorship from WayForward to Let’s Play their games.

  • SpoonyBard

    Only real men use pink game systems.

    • Metal Man Master

      Or men who are colorblind, in the case of my brother in-law. =P

      Really, I could’ve gone for that magenta looking DSi, but I went for the dark, sleek, black design simply because it looks less like a DSi and more like one of those camera-having devices people use. ^_^;

  • Craze

    Includes three pre-installed titles: BRAIN AGE and BRAIN AGE.

  • I kinda want a DSi XL.. But since the 3DS is coming out early next year, I’ll wait for that.

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