I recently got back into perler beads. That’s where you buy 6,000 little plastic beads, painstakingly arrange them to look like video game sprites, then iron them enough that they fuse together but not so much that they melt into an ugly blob.

Here are some crappy cell phone pictures I snapped:

link_blondeA cute little Link I whipped up during one of our streams. This got mailed off to one of our viewers around Christmastime.


dekar_blurryDekar from Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. The coloration on this one is weird but I swear it is accurate. The picture is blurry because I am bad at camera-ing, but I didn’t bother to get a cleaner one because I don’t like the finished perler that much.


hoots_perlerHOOTS was a fan-favorite when I streamed Pokémon Red, so I made this to commemorate his awesomeness and also his birdiness. I took the sprite from the old pea-green Gameboy game, but added the coloration from one of the newer DS games, and I think it came out real, real slick.


mcdohlMcDohl from Suikoden. I really had to finagle the coloration on this. On the original sprite the dark yellows and dark reds bleed into each other in this mustard-y brown color, which looked awful when beaded out. Also the character is supposed to have black hair, but that looked awful too, so I changed it to brown, which looks better in my opinion anyway.


shantae_ironedThis gargantuan piece takes up six boards, and is my first attempt at a jumbo-sized perler project. The piece came out gorgeous, but I botched the ironing pretty badly. One day I’ll pin it to a backing board and put the whole piece in a frame, and it’ll flatten out and look pretty slick. I’ve made a couple more patterns at this same six-board size, which I’ll get around to doing someday maybe.

Thank you for reading this blog post about a grown man playing with plastic beads!





3 comments to Perlers!

  • EtherealMoon

    Oh wow. I never actually got that Link perler. I figured it was just totally forgotten about; instead it would seem the mail ate it.
    Merry Christmas, mail beast!

    • Brickroad

      Aw man what? That sucks! I’m so sorry bro, I wish you had said something. I still have the pattern and plenty of beads, I’ll whip you up a replacement.

  • Craze

    Damn, that McDohl is awesome, as is HOOTS. Looks like it’s time for me to get some Perler beads…

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