Friday is news day!

A few tidbits of news, if you please!

First, the site is getting hit pretty hard with the spam. I’ve got some bits and baubles installed to keep an eye on that for me, but it’s blocking good comments and letting spam through. I get so few comments on my blog posts as it is, I don’t want people refraining from commenting because the robot that runs things around here stuck their post in a freezer while a user named “How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Posting Links On Google” runs around sticking “nice post!” on every entry in the archives. Since I’m having to go in and clean up the comments every day anyway, I’ve set it so all comments are going to require my approval from now on. This solution sucks, but I hope it’s only temporary.

Second! I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I didn’t have the full version of the Damcyan Market song for our FF4 sequel. Well, one of the other guys did have it. Here it be.

Thirdly! As of today you won’t be able to find Pepsi or Mountain Dew Throwback anymore. It hasn’t been available around here for a couple weeks. A truly sad day for America.

Lastly! Analog television broadcasts are a thing of the past. This is meaningless trivia to everyone except Mitch and Linda Addson, an elderly couple living in Supai, Arizona, the last living humans to rely on rabbit ears for their daily dose of The Price is Right. Unfortunately for them it takes about a week to deliver their mail via mule, so they’re going to spend the next seven days thinking their TV is just broken.

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