I got yelled at last time I did this.

Here is the completed Let’s Play Willow series:

And here is the new series I began uploading last night. It is not a real Let’s Play; it is basically just me proving a silly point.


6 comments to I got yelled at last time I did this.

  • You know, Capcom also made a Willow arcade game that’s pretty super-awesome. Willow the movie is brain-numbing, and yet the games are great. Has that ever happened before or since?

  • I agree with your points regarding LPing RPGs. What might be your issue in this case is that you generally do your videos alone, and all the good video LPs I’ve seen that do RPGs have a group, so that they have things to talk about between themselves when there isn’t anything interesting going on in the game itself.

    That’s not to say that doing videos solo is bad. It just, as you’ve described, something that has an effect on the types of games that you do.

  • Is it sad that I kind of enjoyed it? Granted, I was still annoyed on your behalf every time you ran into the dung beetles or whatever they were… and the worms… and the slimes. You know what… on second though – you’re right.

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