I Hate Corey Dylan

Corey Dylan is the morning DJ on the local 80s station. This is the station that has eighty minutes of commercial- and chatter-free music every morning… which begins just about the time I’m finishing my morning commute. What I get to listen to is Corey Dylan’s inane chatterbox call-in show, which is always retarded and frequently insulting.

Monday’s call-in topic was how to best deal with infidelity, inspired by this Tiger Woods fiasco. Yesterday’s topic was how big a shame all the Tiger Woods scandal is, and what can he do to get himself free of it? Today’s was Tiger Woods jokes. Tomorrow’s will likely be what farm animals sound most like Tiger Woods when you jerk them off.

It’s not like this is a hard rock station with a shock jock. This is a borderline-oldies station which is constantly advertising its philosophy of music over chitchat, and yet virtually the only thing I ever hear in the morning is Corey Dylan’s stupid awful call-in show and the insipid Oprah demographic that gets off on that sort of thing.

I know, I know… I should just join the 21st century and buy a friggin’ iPod already. That doesn’t mean I don’t want Corey Dylan fired out of a cannon. Because I totally do.

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