My first new post in months…

…and it’s about something totally stupid. Ah well!

We have this new YouTube channel, LETS RACING TIME, where the Talking Time dudes get together and pretend to be good at video games. It’s probably just a fad that will die out once we run out of Mario and Mega Man games, but it’s a good […]

Why Super Nintendo Looks Better Than Regular Nintendo

Today I’d like to share something that I figured out when I was nine: why Super Nintendo graphics looked nicer than Regular Nintendo graphics. I think we all have examples of these kinds of things, things that make perfect sense in the mind of a little kid, and that we are, at the time, monumentally […]

I don’t even remember writing this.

Today’s post was going to be about The Legend of Korra, but then I found this thing amidst some old text files. I have no recollection of writing this, but apparently I did, at some point in July of 2009. I was unemployed at the time so maybe it’s the blacked-out backlash against abject desperation? […]

The Three-Tile Rule

Sorry, you hip cats, but I didn’t have time to finish the LP post I was working on. (For the reason why, please refer to yesterday’s post title.)

But that’s okay. I’ll take this time to make fun of the RPGMaker community a little bit.

As you may or may not be aware, folks don’t […]

I am a failure in all things.

I got up early and worked all day, and still couldn’t get my next FF2 LP update done. I spent longer today working on images than I have spent playing the entire game up to this point. That’s just crazy. My head is crazy. And, as mentioned in the subject line of this post, I […]

My head is empty

Usually when I sit down to do one of these last-minute posts, I can come up with at least a quick-shot review of a movie I’ve seen recently, or a couple unrelated things to share, or something from my camera phone that I thought was amusing.

(I did finally get to Kings on my Netflix […]

How To Win Every Stupid Internet Argument, Forever

This video should do the trick.

Yes, I am comfortable with today’s scrawny-ass non-post. I’m doing a public service here.

That’s not a tilde!

I bought a new laptop, a nice little low-end Acer Aspire, and was having quite a bit of fun with it until I turned it on. As it happens, my laptop is the most pretentious thing in the world; its default desktop image is just a picture of itself!

Doesn’t that kind of piss […]


I’m pretty good with keeping up on my Rock Band DLC, and buying the new songs I want as they come out. Since I already own all the DLC I want (out of what’s currently available) I can’t imagine what I’d do with 100 free songs. As a result, the only possibly reason I […]

To Transfer Or…

Having come into possession of a 3DS, I know it’s wrong to transfer my DSi games over on to it. I know it in my bones. The DSi has a bigger screen, the better to see Shantae‘s ridiculously pretty sprite art. It’s the better system to leave in my desk at work, since Peanut won’t […]