Kinetic Cipher download is fixed.

I received a friendly comment today asking why the download link for my old RPGMaker game was broken on I don’t have a good answer for that, but I logged in to RMN and fixed it. You should be able to download it now, if you want!

Also my RMN inbox was full of […]

Kinetic Cipher Questions

Today some nice fan left a few questions about the plot of my old RPGMaker game, Kinetic Cipher. I worked on that game for about five years and never finished it. Since it’s a dead project, I see no harm in answering those questions now.

1. Who is the final boss of the game?

Erin, […]

The Three-Tile Rule

Sorry, you hip cats, but I didn’t have time to finish the LP post I was working on. (For the reason why, please refer to yesterday’s post title.)

But that’s okay. I’ll take this time to make fun of the RPGMaker community a little bit.

As you may or may not be aware, folks don’t […]

Max McGee is a plagiarist and a fool.

He’s a plagiarist because he stole ideas and storylines directly from a popular fantasy series for use in his new RPGMaker game. He’s a fool because he either thought nobody would notice, or that nobody would call him on it.

I want to preface this post by saying that homages, references, and subtle winks are […]

KC(A) Fan Art

I can’t remember if I’ve posted these here before, but I needed one more day of filler so I’m sticking them up. This is some fan art done for my old RPG Maker game by a cool dude named statistic.

Karen. Hmm… she looks a little young.


Chewing gum is way […]

Five things I would change about Kinetic Cipher.

I learned a lot about game design in the time between when I started my RPGMaker 2000 game Kinetic Cipher and 2003 when I decided to dismantle it and completely rebuild it from the ground up. I felt like starting the game over from scratch, applying what I’d learned about the engine and games in […]

Another Cop-out: New RMN Articles

I’ll probably be doing posts like this one from time to time, though honestly I don’t feel like it’s a cop-out. It’s just that the time I’d usually spend working on this blog are now being spent writing RMN articles. I’m really proud of how they come out most of the time and I think […]

Some new RMN articles.

I’ve had less time to work on my blog lately because of all the time I’ve been sinking into articles for RMN. So instead of an update today you get a cop-out with four links to recent articles I’ve written over there!

Information Absorption – A look at how information is conveyed in video games […]

Kinetic Cipher (Again), again!

RMN is having an event today called Release Something, the idea being you’re supposed to provide an actual download for whatever RPGMaker thing you’re working on. I took a couple days to clean up the loose threads in my old canceled RM game, Kinetic Cipher. So here, after two years of being canceled, is the […]

I am an official video game reviewer!

Well okay, not real video games. RPGMaker games. But hey, gotta start somewhere right?

I’ve been asked to join the team over at My two official duties are to write game design articles (a subject I can quite literally speak on endlessly) and to review the site’s featured game. These are services I used […]