Thumping of the decidedly non-tub variety.

After five years of apartment living I’ve gotten my very first noise complaint. At first it was just a vague “keep the noise down” thing, but since Girlfriend and I are essentially the quietest people on the planet we couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. If I have my door closed I can’t hear Girlfriend’s TV and she can’t hear my Xbox; how on earth anyone would be able to hear them through the conrete walls is beyond me.

We pressed for more information, and apparently the complaint came from our downstairs neighbor who described “a thumping noise, late at night, a couple days ago”. Armed with this new enlightenment I narrowed the culprit down to the kick pedal on my Rock Band drums. Okay, fair enough; the pedal does cause some manner of vibration and I could probably find something more constructive to do at 3am than stomping in it — sleep, for example.

What I’m wondering is, is this really something worth complaining about? What about all the kids who play on the lawn outside my balcony, or the plumes of smoke our neighbors leave hanging next to their door whenever they step out for a cigarette? Or the dogs that bark back and forth, yes, unto all hours of the night? Or a car alarm that goes off? Or someone doing a late load of laundry? Or any of the other thousands of little community noises you have to learn to live with in an apartment complex?

I’m hoping this is truly a case of my drums being super annoying when I play them at night and not just having a really anal neighbor who is going to bitch and moan about absolutely every little thing. Also I’ve only had this blog for two weeks and I’ve managed to make three of my posts about Rock Band. Kick ass.

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