A short list of things ePSXe can kiss.

  1. My ass.

I have no idea why recording video with this emulator is so bloody difficult. The built in software video plugin supposedly has a recording feature, but it silently doesn’t work, and there doesn’t seem to be any documentation as to why. Recording with Camtasia is possible only if absolutely no other software is running, and even then I end up with slight input lag and audio desync. Recording with FRAPS is great for the first ten seconds, then everything bogs down into unplayability as the CPU usage tops out at 100%.

This won’t be a huge problem for me making LPs going forward, because I have the capture card now and a perfectly functional PS3. But I’m getting increasingly frustrated trying to do anything with this half-finished Frankenstein of a Mega Man X4 LP. It’s so low quality that part of me wants to just trash it and start over.

Combing through support forums and help websites doesn’t do a lot of good either. It seems like everyone who uses ePSXe has a shitpotload of problems with it, but no two people have the exact same problem, so as a result nobody knows how to fix anything.

No, look, I’m sorry. It is 2010 and my computer is a thunderbolt-weilding Greek god. There should be a big red button that says “RECORD VIDEO” and when I press it, that’s what it should do. I can appreciate that the emulator scene is largely peopled with tech-heads and grognards who pop wood when they have to spend a weekend fiddling with plugins and tweaking screen after screen of hieroglyphic configuration settings, but somewhere in there are people who just want to play games and make silly videos. And those people are disgruntled.

Unrelated thought: do you suppose the very first person to use the term “spam” to refer to… well, spam, knows who he is? And do you suppose he lives a life of frustration, knowing the contribution he made to the English language will forever go unattributed and uncredited? I mean, it’s not about the money or the fame, you know? But a little recognition would be nice. Anyway, I thought about that earlier today and it kept me up for about three straight hours.

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