Let’s play Subspace Emissary w/Kefka Floyd!

One of my longer LPs — thirty-four parts. Enjoy!

4 comments to Let’s play Subspace Emissary w/Kefka Floyd!

  • Zooclaw

    Congrats on finishing another LP! You’ve become quite the accomplished LPsmith sense you started.

    I will say however, that your Super TT Bros. LP and Mega Man 10 LP are where it’s at; this one didn’t do a whole lot for me.

    • I concur with Zooclaw. which is strange because Super Smash Bros. is my all time favorite game series ever. But I dropped out around the 6th video of this one. For some reason, it just wasn’t doing it for me. Like he said though, your other ones are phenomenal as always, brickroad. 😀

      Keep at it.

      • ShifterChaos

        I disagree with both of you. This lp, much like the other recent ones, were not about gameplay, but more about the conversations and reactions to it. Brickroad outdid himself with the level of fail on this play through (Mega Diddy), and the jokes just kept on flowing naturally (saddest orphan). Not only that, but Kefka was a delight to listen to, complementing everything else this lp has stood for. While I will say I like the old-school lps allot, this one is not to be overlooked.

        It just hit me that you haven’t done a first or third person lp. I wouldn’t mind seeing an lp like that. Or even a more modern rpg, OH! how about Paper mario?

  • TalentNinjaInc.

    I’d have to agree with The Tylor and Zooclaw, and must I say, MORE platform type games, Brickroad! You seem to like them and they have been my favourite LP’s so far (I.E. sonic, Super RMN bros (sorry but RMN was hilarious to watch) and Super TT bros.)

    On a side note, you sound like “sniffles” are killing you on your TT bros. Lp, you okay? :/

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