Chemists – Chapter Two

Going into this challenge I had hoped I could get four nice, long blog posts out of it. Unfortunately, Chapter Two was so easy there’s just not much to tell.

The first few fights were just a matter of letting Agrias and Gaffgarion run around slapping everything to death with their magic swords. There is this one fight where Gaffgarian switches sides on you, but I knew it was coming, so I took his sword away beforehand and laughed at him while he tried to punch me to death. (And besides, Delita joins for that one battle, and he has a magic sword now, too.)

Eventually the troops came across a young gent named Mustadio. This young gent had a gun, which McGinnis promptly stole from him. Pistols are extremely long-range weapons which, happily, chemists can equip. So I spent a few fights laughing at Mustadio as he ran around punching things to death, while McGinnis made for the center of the map to pick all the targets off one by one. Actually there’s only one fight like that; the next location is the Clockwork City of Goug, which has pistols for sale. They had to pawn damn near everything they owned to afford this arsenal, but now the cartoon chemists were packing heat.

The next few fights went about as you’d expect. The chemists were able to abandon their “bait and surround” tactics in favor of “shoot now, ask questions later”. They picked mages and archers off from a distance, after which they led the melee opponents on a merry chase. The two notoriously difficult fights against Gaffgarion (at the gallows and the gates of Lionel Castle) were absolute pushovers.

Chemists are broken, man. I certainly didn’t have this easy a time playing Chapter Two with a “normal” party.

The final boss of Chapter Two is Cúchulainn. He opens with an attack called Nightmare which Doom’d one chemist and put two more to sleep. He then spent the rest of the battle between alternating between physical attacks (enough for a one-hit kill) and a gigantic poison attack. Before long I had three chemist corpses in the middle of the map, with Cúchulainn perched on top of them, and a living chemist against the wall on either side.

From there, the boss couldn’t beat me. He couldn’t get both Buttercup and Scootaloo with his huge poison attack, and I figured out I could keep him from closing in for a punch by having one of them throw a Phoenix Down at one of the dead guys. Cúchulainn was perfectly happy to stay put and take the easy kill while the girls plinked him to death with pistols 37 damage at a time. Gunshot, gunshot, Phoenix Down. Gunshot, gunshot, Phoenix Down. And so on.

I’ll say it again: chemists are broken, man.

So now we’re on into Chapter Three. I am… not looking forward to the endcap of this chapter, a battle so difficult and unexpected that it’s often considered unfair. But then, I wasn’t looking forward to those Gaffgarion fights either, and barely noticed them. So what do I know?

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