Let’s Play Shantae, coming to a torrent tracker near you!

There hasn’t been any news from YouTube. And if the various complaints and conversations I’ve turned up while researching other folks who were in my position, probably none of us should hold our breath.

But the time for mourning is over, and the time for rebuilding is nigh! This post is about my plan to get my Let’s Play empire back up and running, and about how you can help!

First of all: if you’re one of my YouTube subscribers that doesn’t follow my blog, well, thanks for dropping in! I know there are at least a few of you because some of you left me nice comments on that last post. I hope you guys hang in there, and if you’re dying for some good ol’ Let’s Play content in the meantime, you should probably read this forum thread at Talking Time where I’ve been playing Final Fantasy II for almost two years now. There are a few more screenshot-style LPs here that you probably haven’t seen, too!

Secondly: I made a new YouTube account, TheRealBrickroad. (Accept no substitutes.) I did this mainly because it was driving me nuts not having a way to access my subscriptions, but if there’s no news about the old account forthcoming soon I will start uploading videos to it. Feel free to preemptively subscribe! I want to start putting videos up maybe next week, probably some mix of new and old stuff. If you’re a newer subscriber, the old stuff will be new to you anyway. Just pretend I caught a cold that makes my voice sound like it’s being filtered through the world’s most awful microphone.

Third-like, and most important-like: I didn’t have a lot of my oldest material backed up, because I am a gargantuan fool with really bad PC storage habits. Fortunately an extremely awesome dude named MJG stepped up and supplied me with pretty much every video I’ve ever made. I’m currently going through and organizing this material, and I’m going to start posting links to torrents on this blog so you can download the old series for yourself.

And this is where I need your help! What I can never recover without access to my old YouTube account are the video titles and descriptions. You know, the little “Wherein…” blurb I stick at the bottom of each video. I’m going to be too busy compressing and organizing and torrenting and uploading stuff to re-watch and re-write those old descriptions, so I’m outsourcing the job to you. Your job is to watch these old videos and come up with funny and/or interesting titles and descriptions. Just leave your suggestions as a comment on this post and I’ll be sure to see them.

Here is a link to the Let’s Play Shantae torrent, all 59 parts:
Let’s Play Shantae 

I’ll be back later with more torrents to more old stuff.. As thanks for your help, I will prioritize getting Risky’s Revenge up as soon as I can, as well as make available a pretty sweet 34-part series of Riven that I have sitting here collecting dust. You guys like Riven, right?

Thanks again for watching and for helping me out.

17 comments to Let’s Play Shantae, coming to a torrent tracker near you!

  • Ben

    Thank god. When I get home, I will start download. Love your lps.

  • Downloading now and will help seeding as much as I can(not my network, but I’ll try). Probably gonna watch through a majority of the LP tomorrow and come up with something. Really sucks that you have to start all over though.

    • Seeding and started watching.
      Episode 2 seems to crash after only about 7 minutes though.

      • SpoonyBard

        Happens to me, too. 🙁

      • MJG

        I confirmed it happens on my computer as well, and since I was the source of the video, those couple of minutes are probably gone, unless someone else out there had a local copy they can share.

        It’s odd, because I’ve definitely rewatched Shantae off my hard drive after downloading the set, so I would’ve thought that I’ve had noticed this before. Maybe I was distracted when that one ended so I missed that it cut off, or maybe I did notice it and just never remembered to go out and redownload a new copy. Sigh.

        • My girlfriend(Please thank Lizzy everyone!) has saved a few of the LPs. She’s on vacation right now, but she allowed me to take a look through her HD. I found all 26 episodes of TT Bros, as well as the 5 episodes of Zelda.

          I also found the entire Shanae-LP, saved as one humongous 3.68gb file.

          Now, I can probably easily use Windows Movie Maker or something to extract Episode 2 in its entirety from that file. Might be some minor loss in quality though, but might be a solution if nobody else has that episode. Let me know somehow if I shall send it or someone else got it covered.

      • Ok, done watching through everything. Only episode 2 seemed to be corrupt, luckily. So, here’s my suggestions, not sure if everything is funny or good or long enough, not remembering the lenght of the original ones, but feel free to use whatever suits you best, hopefully, I’m not the only one posting:

        1: Wherein Shantae is attacked by pirates and saves Scuttle Town with her magic hair.
        2: Wherein Brickroad will chance his youtube name to Haircrow, and deduces grass always comes before desert.
        3: Wherein Shantae starts her journey towards Water Town, and Brickroad has nightmares about haircrows.
        4: Wherein Shantae meets Barracuda Joe, calls him Jim, and Brickroad kindly asks for directions to Water Town.
        5: Wherein Shantae finally finds Water Town, talks to Bolo the Pervert, and has to backtrack to Dribble Fountain.
        6: Wherein Shantae explores Dribble Fountain and gets flipped off.
        7: Wherein Brickroad says “Grr Bah!” and is scared away by changing music.
        8: Wherein Monkeytae doesn’t fall for Eyeball Crab’s shenanigans.
        9: Wherein Shantae completes Dribble Fountain by slaying Bubba Ho-Tep.
        10: Wherein we are going everywhere but Scuttle Town.
        11: Wherein Shantae returns to Scuttle Town and keeps dancing, all night.
        12: Wherein we go towards Oasis Town, get killed, and head towards Water Town instead.
        13: Wherein we call this the “let’s complain about the game” update.
        14: Wherein Shantae swims in swampwater and Brickroad remembers the year 2002.
        15: Wherein Shantae makes absolutelly no actual progress.
        16: Wherein Shantae goes back to Dribble Fountain to find a Warp Squid and print some money.
        17: Wherein Brickroad is happy to finally show us some new content.
        18: Wherein Shantae tries out a new philosophy: use the items!
        19: Wherein Shantae visits Oasis Town, and tries to catch Wrench the Bird.
        20: Wherein Wrench the Bird is adorable, and Shantae finally enters the Golem Mines.
        21: Wherein Shantae gets elephant form and steps into the fountains of color.
        22: Wherein Shantae goes up and around in the Golem Mines.
        23: Wherein Shantae rams the boss in the face, and Brickroad wants to have sex with corpses.
        24: Wherein Shantae goes to that secret area in the forest for the 36th time.
        25: Wherein Shantae is looking for things she can elephant smash.
        26: Wherein Brickroad has a vendetta against snails, monkeyclawing them to death.
        27: Wherein Shantae finds the Zombie Caravan, and takes a nice undead bath.
        28: Wherein Shantae is losing the race to Rotty Tops, and having her brains eaten.
        29: Wherein Shantae enters Cackle Mound on a stealth mission.
        30: Wherein Shantae explores Cackle Mound while riding eyeballs.
        31: Wherein the statues are perverted, and Brickroad discovers life after death.
        32: Wherein Brickroad can bang on skulls all day long, and Shantae gets her Spider form.
        33: Wherein Spidertae is looking for some web, and we get to see some eyeball physics.
        34: Wherein Shantae fights Jimmy the Robobull and wins Cackle Mound.
        35: Wherein Sky tells Shantae to go east, and Brickroad does some savescumming.
        36: Wherein Brickroad savescums some more, and Shantae returns to Dribble Fountain for a lost Warp Squid.
        37: Wherein Spidertae explores Waterfall Mountain, an endless series of detours.
        38: Wherein Shantae gets new attacks, but keeps rapid firing her hair to kill giant snails.
        39: Wherein Shantae has to go east, so she goes west instead, just to accidently warp back.
        40: Wherein Shantae dances for a perverted clown doll and Brickroad officially is done exploring.
        41: Wherein Shantae listens to Sky’s sense of direction and Brickroad figures he’s got east and west mixed up.
        42: Wherein Shantae meets the wall and can’t climb Pointy Mountain.
        43: Wherein Shantae goes against Sky’s advice and explores the western mountains.
        44: Wherein nobody can tell east from west and Sky is discovered to be a villainous woman.
        45: Wherein Brickroad is all bitter about the directions he is given, and we finally decide to head west.
        46: Wherein Shantae goes to Monster Town, finds Risky Boots in disguise, and Brickroad shows off the game in Visual Boy Advance.
        47: Wherein Shantae enters the Twinkle Palace and smashes some rock guys.
        48: Wherein Shantae explores Twinkle Palace and solves the Richard Simmons puzzle.
        49: Wherein Shantae gets her Harpy Form and Brickroad rants about death traps.
        50: Wherein Brickroad notes the Harpy isn’t very pretty, and Shantae hunts for Warp Squids in Twinkle Palace.
        51: Wherein Shantae completes the Twinkle Palace and learns a shocking truth.
        52: Wherein Shantae flaps around the world, waiting for night and collecting fireflies.
        53: Wherein Shantae returns to Cackle Mound, curses the sun, and finds everything in the game.
        54: Wherein Brickroad wonders what a giant octopus is supposed to do witn an electrical outlet, and prepares to face the end.
        55: Wherein Shantae tries to find Risky Boot’s Stronghold. Has anyone seen a flying pyramid lying around?
        56: Wherein Shantae explores her Tinkerbat form, misfires from a canon, and gets deeper into Risky Boot’s Lair.
        57: Wherein Monkeytae tears up the TinkerTank, and Shantae finally gets to fight Risky Boots.
        58: Wherein Risky Boots gets her hat knocked off, Shantae runs out of lives, and Spidertae saves the day.
        59: Wherein Shantae enters the Genie Realm, the Mayor kicks Shantae off a bridge and we get our final credits sequence.

  • Someone

    I was kinda hoping you’d name your new YouTube account “brickroadbrickroadbrickroad.”

  • phantom

    Hey brick, I’ve found that by searching “Let’s play (X game) by Brickroad” on Google you can find some old cached pages where some of the old ‘Wherein’ blurbs as well as the video titles are preserved. I’m not sure if you’d be able to find all of them, but fear not, some of the ‘wherein’s are still alive in the depths of cyberspace!

    for example: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:e1fRifFmfzYJ:www.youtube.com/user/brickroadbrickroad/feed+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

  • TheGangstagnome

    Dude, this is so perfect. I was in the middle of watching Shantae when your account went down. Now I’ll finally be able to finish it. For the third time.

    What? It was a good series. Anyway, I’ll seed the hell out of that torrent and any other ones you put up in the future, dude. Glad you found a way to get something going again.

  • Pieemperor

    Oh yeah can’t wait to do this.

  • Thanks brickroad… That’s dedication.
    If you start a brand new site based on (short description + screenshot + torrent link), I’ll support you.
    Any news from YT? I think not, am I right?


  • Got it!
    Now seeding as crazy and making 12 security copies to preserve this for ages and ages,… just in case.

  • Shifter

    Thank you Sir! I really enjoy your work and am happy to see you get back up and running again! The best of luck and all aboard the Riven train!

    (any way we could see a Rhem lets play? with photocopies of your notes?)

  • Roger Mexico

    Okay, so, stoked as hell for this Riven LP.

    Just sayin’.

  • Mulderman

    Dude! Your entire channel is back 😀 Way to fight the machine!

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