Let’s play Final Fantasy: Dueling Mage Solos

Apparently there’s a Dragon Quest 9 rom out there that is designed to destroy your DS. I find that almost overwhelmingly amusing.

In other news…

The ULTIMATE SOLO SHOWDOWN is complete! Back in early April my buddy McDohl and I started up our most ambitious Let’s Play project to date: solo FF1 runs with a black mage and a white mage. I took command of the black mage IKA and McD fired up a white mage named RUGA, and if you get that reference you are totally awesome.

Here’s the forum thread with our fantastic journey in it. I want to archive it here an my site soon. There’s so much good user-generated stuff in there that should be saved along with the actual LP posts, and it would be a shame to lose any of it to shifting servers or what-have-you. This style of LP is a lot of work but they’re also a great deal of fun, and it’s satisfying to get one in the can. It’ll be a while before I do another one, though.

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