Let’s play Mega Man 10

First thing’s first, here’s the completed four hour playlist:

And here’s a shot of tonight’s dinner:

Homemade ramen, bitches!

Don’t worry, someone already made fun of me for eating my noodles with a fork. They were all, “What’s the matter, Brickroad? Don’t know how to use chopsticks?”

And I was all, “Why would I eat my food with a couple of sticks like a schlub? The fork is clearly the superior eating implement.”

Forks are built for shoveling, see.

Anyway, this recipe was about 800% easier than I was expecting it to be. Every recipe we looked up started with a disclaimer that went something like “ramen is an incredibly difficult art form and Japanese grandmasters spend their entire lives training and closely guarding their secrets”. So we were pretty intimidated! But that turned out to all be mystical Asian mumbo-jumbo. I mean, I have no illusions that my first crack could go toe to toe with world class ramen, of course — but it was still pretty damn good.

I think I’ll call it “White Boy Ramen”. It’s okay to eat White Boy Ramen with a fork.

5 comments to Let’s play Mega Man 10

  • Kadj

    As a college student whose lifeblood is cheap ramen, I absolutely can’t see myself making the stuff from scratch. Boil water, throw flavoring and noodles in, leave it for a couple minutes… I can’t stand to make that more complicated!

    On the other hand, I’ve never actually had homemade noodles… Maybe my mind can be changed.

  • Odin

    So… what is the recipe for white boy ramen?

    • Brickroad

      Patience. Give us another try or two to get kinks worked out, and then I’ll share. The recipe we followed was a hodgepodge of lots of different websites, and there’s things we’re gonna have to tweak. For example, next time we’ll be going a bit lighter on the ginger and skipping the nori altogether.

  • Elfir

    I’m not sure you can call it “white boy” anything without having ketchup for an ingredient but post the recipe anyway.

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