Vlog #002: Vampires and stuff.

Week two of my vlogging! This week I tackle an actual topic. I’m really not happy with the light or sound quality, but right now all I have to work with is a cheap video camera and a room with no curtains. Hopefully I’ll get this shizzle figured out sooner or later.

1 comment to Vlog #002: Vampires and stuff.

  • narcodis

    It’s true! The only horror movies you see these days are horror movies that try so hard to be psychological and/or paranormal… unless you count Zombie movies, which seem to be a dime a dozen.

    There was that one movie “30 Days of Night”, but they weren’t so much Vampires in a traditional sense.
    And that movie “I Am Legend”, which was a remake of a remake of a remake of a movie based on a best-selling novel. And they were SUPPOSED to be sentient vampires, but they ended up being zombies extremely sensitive to daylight.

    Good on ya, brickroad.

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