…for dear life.

It was storming pretty good the other day. This little bugger stayed dry by clinging to the outside of our screened-in porch, just under our awning. He hung out there for an hour or two, at least.

Hang in there, little bugger.

Melts In Your Mouth

My first thought was that maybe some M&M colors are just more common than others. Like, perhaps there is some technical reason why the yellow M&M machine suffers more downtime than the blue M&M machine.

Then I figured that was nonsense, and that the color breakdown in my bag was a strange, but not […]

Room 812

Where is the door to Room 812!? There’s someone trapped in there! For the love of god, someone please help that poor bear!

Campaign Stickers

I can think lots of good reasons to not put a campaign sticker on your bumper during election season. Here are the two biggies, though, both related to how difficult it is to get a bumper sticker off your car once it’s been applied:

If your guy loses, you’re stuck with his sticker on your […]

Scenic Fort De Soto

Since I had folks in visiting from out of town this weekend, I figured I’d take them down to scenic Fort De Soto park, an old Civil War fort full of history and great photo ops. I forgot my camera, so I snapped this with my phone:

What the–!? Son of a bitch!


This guy’s van is awesome.

There are only two options here.

Either this man is a friendly entrepreneur attempting to build a rapport with his community…

…or he’s devised a clever front for having a sack of kindergarteners in the back of his van.

Pictures of Screens

I woke up today to find news that Cave Story had been patched on the Wii. This was good news, because the only good thing about the Wii port was that it was Cave Story. So I plugged in the Wii, set it up on my wireless network, and got downloading.

That I bought this […]

glub glub

As I stood waiting for Peanut at the airport this morning, I amused myself with a nearby fishtank. I figured watching the nearby fish was as good a way as any to pass the time, considering I’d left my DS at home, but I wasn’t expecting the profound sadness I experienced.

Basically I just […]

Tales From the Camera Phone II

I’ve been driving past this sign for years. There’s so much wrong with it it’s hard to even know where to start:

But hey, at least that gorilla seems excited!

Tales From the Camera Phone

I snapped this at about 6:30 this morning from the xth floor of the office building where I work. The idea of standing in an ultra-modern air conditioned office building and looking out over a couple of good ol’ boys fishing away a muggy July morning struck me as incredibly amusing for some reason.