The Science of BONK: A Methodology for Quantifying the Violence in River City Ransom

Today I put the finishing touches on River City Ransom, which Dan (KefkaFloyd) and I played back in December. Please to be enjoying the playlist:

Throughout the LP I kept a running tally of how we were dispatching each dude. What sorts of violence were Dan and I most drawn to? The people had […]

How to Fix the Xbox 360’s E74 Error

Please be advised there is now a part two to this post. After about a month, his fix failed and I had to go back in for a tune-up. You can read about that by clicking here: Return of the E74. Don’t worry; if you follow these instructions you aren’t doing anything wrong and you […]

Vlog 028: Celebrating Thanksgiving with bad movies!

The future… is now.

Peanut snapped off this shot of me interacting with a vending machine from the future by poking it in its Digital Beverage-Selection Interface, an action which seems to be causing it considerable distress. While I’m certain too much provocation will cause the machine to gain sentience and carve a swath of destruction through the mall […]

So not the drama.

I don’t know what terrible thing I did to Peanut to make her want to leave me for the next ten days, but apparently I’m on my own. Here’s hoping she doesn’t return to find me a starving, gibbering mess.

So scientists have done this super-cool thing where they rammed something big, heavy and solid […]

Vlog #018 – The bass note that devoured humanity!

Naked, skinless dead people.

Here’s the post I typed up Monday but got eaten by the server. When originally typed it was the most glorious thing ever written by man. Lost forever to the deepest annals of the internet, I can sorrowfully only present it in this shabby, re-written shadow of its former self. I offer my regrets.

In […]

This post got eaten.

I had a longer post here, but the server ate it. I’ll re-type it later this week, but here’s a short-ish one in its place.

I read today that President Obama wants to direct 3% of the US’s GDP — $420 billion — towards scientific advancement. This is the kind of announcement that makes me […]

Vlog #003: Nadya Vessey and Nikola Tesla

Week three! The computer I edit these on crashed, but the crash was apparently only temporary. Also I found an option on the camera that fixes the lighting problem… somewhat! Now I just have to fix the sound problems and I’ll be all set.


Apparently jetpacks are real and nobody told me.

And they’ve been around forever. Why am I always the last to learn about these things?

So there are people who are willing to lash five gallons of jet fuel to their backs and zip around at 80+ mph, and we have the technology to make it happen. Why has nobody invented rocketpack basketball yet? […]